1st Edition

The Paradigm of Justice A Contemporary Debate between John Rawls and Amartya Sen

By Kantilal Das Copyright 2022

    This book deals with the fascinating debate over the concept of justice proposed by two contemporary thinkers, namely, John Rawls and Amartya Sen. Justice means what is just, but how do we know what is just? What would be the viable criterion to legitimize justice? Is justice objective or subjective? Is justice a matter of ontological issue or an issue of realization? What would be the paradigm of justice? These are some important issues discussed in the book.

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    1. General Introduction 2. The Paradigm of Global (International) Justice: A Justice without Boundaries 3. The paradigm of Rawls’ Mainstream Theory of Justice: Rawls’ Idea of Justice as Justitium 4. Sen’s Prudent Consequential Approach of Justice: An Alternative Paradigm


    Kantilal Das is Professor at the Department of Philosophy, North Bengal University, West Bengal. He has been conferred with the Shiksharatna Award, 2020 by West Bengal Government. His specialization includes Philosophy of Language, Logic, Contemporary Ethics, Religion and Justice.