1st Edition

The Parent Survival Guide From Chaos to Harmony in Ten Weeks or Less

By Theresa Kellam Copyright 2009

    When parents turn to the parenting/self-help section of their local bookstore, they are looking for both practical guidance and a childrearing philosophy that resonates with them - an approach they can relate to and be comfortable implementing in their own household. In The Parent Survival Guide: From Chaos to Harmony in Ten Weeks or Less, Theresa Kellam presents a way to strengthen the relationship with the child that simultaneously promotes the parent's own emotional healing and wellness. Grounded in a research-supported therapeutic technique that uses structured play time as the catalyst for interpersonal connection and growth, Kellam's model is subtle in its simplicity. Through a series of guided exercises, Kellam gives parents the skills they need to begin to set aside special playtimes with their children, during which the most important part of the process is simply "being there" in a way that promotes healing, growth, and communication. The beauty of this approach is that in only 30 minutes, once a week, the results can be seen in only a few weeks. Features of the book include:

    • "Parent Survival Tip" at the start of each chapter
    • Original cartoon illustrations bring text to life
    • Short but insightful workseet questions bring focus to the program

    The Parent Survival Guide is structured over a series of 10 chapters, which can be read in conjunction with the 10-sessions of the CPRT workshops for those parents enrolled in a formal filial training program. But the material in the book is designed to be read and implemented by anyone. The author is not only a licensed psychologist and filial therapist, but she has also gone through the program with her own son and continues to rely on its principles within her family.

    Introduction: This Program is Different. Making a Loving Connection. The Wonder of Play: Speaking Your Child's Language. A Window to Your Child's Inner World. Promoting Your Child's Emotional Maturity. Your Child's Place in Your Heart. Gaining Your Child's Respect. Connecting with Your Child. Nurturing Your Child's Inner Wisdom. Facilitating Your Child's Healing. 


    Theresa Kellam