1st Edition

The Past, Present, and Future of Integrated History and Philosophy of Science

    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    268 Pages
    by Routledge

    Integrated History and Philosophy of Science (iHPS) is commonly understood as the study of science from a combined historical and philosophical perspective. Yet, since its gradual formation as a research field, the question of how to suitably integrate both perspectives remains open. This volume presents cutting edge research from junior iHPS scholars, and in doing so provides a snapshot of current developments within the field, explores the connection between iHPS and other academic disciplines, and demonstrates some of the topics that are attracting the attention of scholars who will help define the future of iHPS.


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    Origins, Trends, Methodologies and Divisions – Reflections on the Past, Present and Future of IHPS: A Keynote Interview with Jon Hodge

    Part I. Problematising the Relationship between HS and PS

    Chapter 1. Greg Rupik. Scientonomy: A Bold New Vision for an Integrated History and Philosophy of Science

    Chapter 2. Caterina Schürch. Understanding Past Research Practice: A Case for iHPS

    Chapter 3. Claudia Cristalli. Narrative Explanations in Integrated History and Philosophy of Science

    Chapter 4. Eugenio Petrovich. Is a Normative Historically Oriented Philosophy of Science Possible? A New Horizon for Integrated History and Philosophy of Science (iHPS)

    Chapter 5. Matteo Vagelli. Historical epistemology and the "marriage" between history and philosophy of science

    Chapter 6. Massimiliano Simons. Obligation to Judge or Judging Obligations: The Integration of Philosophy and Science in Francophone Philosophy of Science

    Part II: iHPS in Practice

    Chapter 7. Mark Young. Experimentalist as Spectator: The Phenomenology of Early Modern Experimentalism

    Chapter 8. Andrea Gambarotto. Teleology: A case study in iHPS

    Chapter 9. Joe Dewhurst. The Cybernetic Origins of Enactivism and Computationalism

    Chapter 10. Klodian Coko. Towards a Mutually Beneficial Integration of History and Philosophy of Science: The Case of Jean Perrin

    Chapter 11. Alex Aylward. Revitalising a Nineteenth Century Debate about Life (Which has been Almost Done to Death): Or, How to Live with Historiographical Pluralism

    Chapter 12. Wonyong Park and Jinwoong Song. Between Realism and Constructivism: A Sketch of Pluralism for Science Education




    Emily Herring, Kevin Jones, Konstantin S. Kiprijanov, and Laura M. Sellers are postgraduate researchers based at the Centre for the History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Leeds.