1st Edition

The Pastoral Fulbe Family in Gwandu

By C. Edward Hopen Copyright 1958
    186 Pages
    by Routledge

    186 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1958, this book discusses how marriage and Fulbe family life, the economy and the whole organization of society is centred on cattle; how the welfare of the herd and its increase, the balance betweent he size of the herd and the size of the family are major preoccupations in the life of a Fulani herd-owner.

    1. Significant Ethnic and Sub-cultural Divisions

    2. History and Traditions of Origin of Fulani in Northern Nigeria

    3. The Environmental Setting

    4. Fulɓe Interest in their Cattle

    5. Patterns of Transhumance

    6. The Gwandu Fulɓe During the 'Time of War'

    7. The Period of Transition

    8. The Family and Its Herd

    9. Households and Herds: A Quantitative Analysis

    10. The Creation of the Family

    11. Economic Aspects of Marriage Gifts

    12. The Husband-Wife Relationship 13. Relationships Between Father and Son, and between Brothers 14. Pattern of Inheritance

    15. Polygyny

    16. The Family in its Wider Setting

    17. Inter-Family Relations and the Clan


    C. Edward Hopen