1st Edition

The Pentecostal World

Edited By Michael Wilkinson, Jörg Haustein Copyright 2023
    518 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Pentecostal World provides a comprehensive and critical introduction to one of the most vibrant and diverse expressions of contemporary Christianity. Unlike many books on Pentecostalism, this collection of essays from all continents does not attempt to synthesize and simplify the movement’s inherent diversity and fragmented dispersion. Instead, the global flows of Pentecostalism are firmly grounded in local histories and expressions, as well as the various modes of their worldwide reproduction. The book thus argues for a new understanding of Pentecostal and Charismatic movements that accounts for the simultaneous processes of pluralization and homogenization in contemporary World Christianity.

    Written by a distinguished team of international contributors across various disciplines, the volume is comprised of six parts, with each offering a critical perspective on classical themes in the study of Pentecostalism. Led by a programmatic introduction, the thirty-six chapters within these parts explore a variety of themes: history and historiography, conversion, spirit beliefs and exorcism, prosperity, politics, gender relations, sexual identities, racism, development, migration, pilgrimage, interreligious relations, media, ecumenism, and academic research.

    The Pentecostal World is essential reading for students and researchers in anthropology, history, political science, religious studies, sociology, and theology. The book will also be very useful for those in related fields, such as culture studies, black studies, ethnic studies, and gender studies.

    Introduction: Remaking the Pentecostal World Michael Wilkinson and Jörg Haustein

    PART I
    “Roots”  The Global/Local Nexus in Pentecostal History

    1. The Glocalization of Pentecostal Religion: The Case of Chile Martin Lindhardt
    2. No Eye Has Seen: The Local and Global in Writing Australasian Pneumatic Christianity Mark P. Hutchinson
    3. One God, Many Movements: The Historical Narratives of Oneness Pentecostals Andrea Shan Johnson
    4. On the Footsteps of the Faith: The Nineteenth Century Transnational Foundations of Latin American Pentecostalism Leonardo Marcondes Alves
    5. Arrows Flying to the Five Continents: Hong Kong and the Pillars of Early Pentecostal Print Culture Alex Mayfield
    6. Student Movements and Spiritual identity in the Growth of Pentecostalism in Kenya Kyama Mugambi
    7. PART II
      “Waves” – Localizing Pentecostal Historiography

    8. Adversities and Peculiarities of Pentecostalism in Greece Evangelos Karagiannis
    9. Russian Pentecostals: From the USSR to Post-Soviet Russia Vera Kliueva and Roman Poplavsky
    10. The Nigeria-Biafra Civil War and the Birth of Indigenous Neo-Pentecostalism in Igboland, 1967–1980 Richard Burgess
    11. A Revival Within a Revival: The 1940s–1950s Canadian Latter Rain Movement and Its Influence in Global Charismatic Christianity Michael McClymond
    12. The Glocalization of the Assemblies of God During the Warlord Period in China Connie Au
    13. A Brief Account of the Revival Movements among the Nagas in North East India Elungkiebe Zeliang

    Contextualizing Spirituality
    Pentecostal Demonology and Inter-Religious Encounters

    13. Toward a Globally Contextual Model of U.S. Demonology and Deliverance Candy Gunther Brown

    14. The Historical Implications of Wimber’s Theology of Healing and Deliverance Peter Althouse

    15. The Contextuality of a Pentecostal Witchcraft Theology in Nigeria Judith Bachmann

    16. It Takes Two to Tangle? A Comparative Approach to Pentecostal Mission(s) in Muslim Zanzibar Hans Olsson

    17. Conversion and (Dis)Continuity among the Bhil Pentecostals of Rajasthan, India Sarbeswar Sahoo

    18. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal in Latin America: Between Church Institution and Popular Religion Jakob Egeris Thorsen

    Problematizing Ethics: Gender, Sexuality, and Race in Pentecostal Fragmentation

    19. You Preach Like a Man: Beyond the Typical Gender Roles of Canadian Pentecostalism Linda M. Ambrose

    20. Queering Black Pentecostalism in the United States Keri Day

    21. Early Black-Led Pentecostal Interraciality as a Site for Theorizing Race David D. Daniels, III

    22. Pentecostal Plurality and Sexual Politics in Africana Worlds Adriaan van Klinken

    23. Female Pastoral Leadership, Ambivalent Femininities and African Pentecostalism in Belgium Joseph Bosco Bangura

    24. Ideological Coloniality and Decolonizing Worship Practice at Hillsong Ntandoyenkosi Mlambo and Tanya Riches

    PART V
    Mapping Power: Pentecostal Flows of Politics and Prosperity

    25. Prayer Warriors in Global Entanglements Giovanni Maltese

    26. Grounding the Prosperity Gospel: Sites of Wealth and Power in Ghana Karen Lauterbach and George M. Bob-Milliar

    27. Pentecostalism and Global Development: Assessing Pentecostal Engagement with Social Development in Theory and Practice Christopher Wadibia

    28. Zambian (Unruly) Pentecostalism Chammah J. Kaunda

    29. The Many Faces of Pentecostal Politics: Socio-Anthropological Approaches from the Southern Cone Nicolás Panotto

    30. The Pentecostal Complex in Poland: Missionaries, Migrants, and Social Imaginaries Natalia Zawiejska

    Tracing Homogeneities
    Media, Knowledge, and Institutions in the Making of Pentecostal Identity

    31. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal and Pope Francis Between Pastoral Openness and Ecclesiastical Centralization Valentina Ciciliot

    32. What Role Does Ecumenism Play for Pentecostals? Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.

    33. Consuming is Believing: Pentecostal Material Culture in Argentina Joaquín Algranti

    34. Of Clouds and Cathedrals: Metaphor and Ambivalence in Charismatic Media Ideologies Travis Warren Cooper

    35. Problematizing the Statistical Study of Global Pentecostalism: An Evaluation of David B. Barrett’s Research Methodology Adam Stewart

    36. Constructing Global Pentecostalism: The Role of the Academy Allan Heaton Anderson


    Michael Wilkinson is Professor of Sociology at Trinity Western University, Canada.

    Jörg Haustein is Associate Professor of World Christianity at the University of Cambridge and a Fellow of Selwyn College, Cambridge.