1st Edition

The People and the State
Twenty-First Century Protest Movement

Edited By

Thomas O'Brien

ISBN 9780367234812
Published February 14, 2019 by Routledge
210 Pages

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Book Description

Protest has proliferated in the early part of the twenty-first century, forcing change in political systems and challenging established patterns of behaviour. The factors driving these protests range from religion and inequality through to the effectiveness of the state and its role in protecting the rights of citizens. The growth in discontent represented by these protests potentially threatens the stability of the state by raising questions about the right of governments to govern. Anger and frustration embodied in many of these actions has resulted in the growth of support for populist political actors promising simplified solutions to the complex underlying issues. In this way, the inability of the state to address the claims of its population potentially places its continued viability at risk. The cases in this collection examine a range of protest movements from around the world, in both democratic and authoritarian political systems, to provide an overview of contemporary issues and protest forms. Addressing contemporary protest in this manner is an important task in supporting our understanding of the root causes of the current tensions and their possible future effects. This book is a compilation of articles from a special issue of Contemporary Social Science with additional papers selected from Contemporary Politics, Journal of Contemporary China and Democratization.

Table of Contents

Foreword David Canter

1. Populism, Protest and Democracy in the Twenty-First Century Thomas O’Brien

2. The Origins of Labour Autonomy in Authoritarian Tunisia Keenan Wilder

3. The Legacy of Compliant Activism in Autocracies: Post-Communist Experience Alexander Libman and Vladimir Kozlov

4. Context, Image and the Case of the Shahbag Movement Sanchari De

5. Social Movements and Constitutional Politics in Latin America: Reconfiguring Alliances, Framings and Legal Opportunities in the Judicialisation of Abortion Rights in Brazil Alba Ruibal

6. Pollution, Institutions and Street Protests in Urban China Yang Zhong and Wonjae Hwang

7. Political Activists’ Frames in Times of Post-Politics: Evidence from Kirchnerism in Argentina and Podemos in Spain Iban Diaz-Parra, Beltran Roca and Silvina Romano

8. Protest in South Africa: Motives and Meanings Tom Lodge and Shauna Mottiar

9. Intellectual Radicals Challenging the State: The Case of Hizb ut-Tahrir in the West Elisa Orofino

10. When Actions Speak Louder than Words: Examining Collective Political Protests in Central Asia Dilshod Achilov

11. Political Religion and the Rise of Transnational Right and Left-Wing Social Movements Since 9/11 David Jones

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Thomas O’Brien is a Lecturer in the Centre for International Security and Resilience at Cranfield University, UK. His research interests include leadership during democratisation, environmental politics and social movements.