1st Edition

The People's Book of Human Sexuality Expanding the Sexology Archive

By Bianca I Laureano Copyright 2023
    258 Pages
    by Routledge

    258 Pages
    by Routledge

    This collection aims to fill in the deep gaps of vital contributions that have been erased from the sexuality field, illuminating the historical and current work, strategies, solutions, and thoughts from sexologists that have been excluded until now. 

    Historically, the US sexuality field has not included the experiences and wisdom of racialized sexologists, educators, therapists, or professionals. Instead, sexuality professionals have been trained using a color-free narrative that does an injustice by excluding their work as well as failing to offer a fuller examination of how they have expanded the field and held it accountable. The result of this wholesale erasure is that today many sexuality professionals understand these contributions as extra or tangential, and not part of the full vision and history of the field of sexology. Highlighting the voices and experiences of those who have been racialized and thus excluded, isolated, erased, and yet have still emerged as vital contributors to the North American sexuality field, this text offers a significant shift in the way we learn and understand sexuality, one that is expansive and committed to liberation, healing, equity, and justice. Divided into three sections addressing safety, movement, and oral narratives, the contributors offer insightful and provoking chapters that discuss reproductive justice, LGBTQ themes, racial and social justice, and gender, and disability justice, demonstrating how these sexologists have been leaders, past and present, in change and progression.

    This futuristic textbook includes correction, engaged reading, and lesson plans which offers community workers and trainers an opportunity to use the text in their non-traditional learning environments. Creating a path forward that many believed was impossible, this accessible book is for all who work in and around sexuality. It welcomes inquiry and celebrates our humanity for the worlds we are building now and for the future.

              Section 1: Origin Stories of Safety & Care

    1. Transforming Sex Education Curricula Through Media Literacy, Media Justice, and Power
    2. Bianca I Laureano

    3. We Vision Our Dreams of Safety Into Reality: An Interview with Kalash Magenta Fire
    4. Jadelynn St Dre, LMFT with Kalash Magenta Fire, CMT, MSW

    5. "Buying People Everyday": Power, Intimacy, and Money at Work
    6. Christina Tesoro, LMSW

    7. Sex Ed Happens
    8. Francisco Ramírez

    9. Solidarity as Liberation: A Queer Mad Legacy
    10. Elliott Fukui

      Section 2: Movement for BodyMinds

    11. The Erotic Power of the Professional Nurse, and the Body They Move In
    12. Jessica Jolie Badonsky, MSN, FNP-BC

    13. Yoga: A Liberatory Praxis
    14. Serina Payan Hazelwood, CSE

    15. My Grandmother, the Unlikely Ally: How Binary Thinking about Social Change Impedes Social Change

    16. Karen B. K. Chan

    17. A Vulgar Sex Education
    18. Melina Gaze y Sucia Urrea

    19. Changing the Narrative: Abortion as a Family Value

    20. Sara C. Flowers, DrPH 

      Section 3: Oral Narratives

    21. Intersex Activism, Movement, and Joy: In Conversation with Sean Saifa Wall
    22. Sean Saifa Wall and Bianca I Laureano

    23. Muslim Sexuality
    24. Bina Bakhtair

    25. The F.A.C.E Model: Introduction To Using Fashion as a Sexual Health Tool

    26. Nhakia Outland, MSW

    27. BJ: Bianca and Juan in Conversation

              Juan Fernández and Bianca I Laureano


    Bianca I. Laureano is an award-winning educator, curriculum writer, and sexologist with over 20 years of experience. She is the foundress of ANTE UP! Professional Development, a virtual freedom school.

    "The People’s Book of Human Sexuality: Expanding the Sexology Archive offers us a compelling narrative and strategy for leading and engaging in inclusive conversations. This literary collective will be used by sexuality and wellness educators for years to come."

    -James C. Wadley, Ph.D.; CST-S Director of Sex Therapy Program Council for Relationships (Philadelphia, USA)

    "Astounding and comprehensive, The People’s Book of Human Sexuality: Expanding the Sexology Archive explores human sexuality deeply rooted in justice and with stunning range. Centering seasoned and community-driven voices, this text is a stellar composition on humanity and our radical needs as we evolve."

    -Kay Ulanday Barrett, Writer; Cultural strategist; Poet of More Than Organs, A 2021 Stonewall Honor Award Book + 2021 Lambda Literary Finalist

    "This book is timely & necessary! Centering the voices, experiences and wisdom of folx who do the critical work in community with people every single day is important. We deserve to be seen and heard and this book is a wonderful reflection and resource for those who keep pushing us and our profession forward."

    -Mariotta Gary-Smith, MPH, CSE Co-Foundress, WoCSHN (Women of Color Sexual Health Network)

    "It's about time there was an inclusive interdisciplinary sexuality textbook! This text will not only serve folks in marginalized populations and identities, but also those who work in sexuality studies and on the front lines. As we seek to build a just future for all, this text will help shift the culture."

    -Aiesha Turman, Ph.D; Interdisciplinary Scholar and Founder, The Black Girl Project

    "As a Black queer person who came into the field of sexuality education over 10 years ago, there has always been a gap in information on sexuality and the lives of BIPOC folks, at minimum our lives are seen as an afterthought. This book continues to pave new ways for sexuality practitioners and all people, to see themselves through an affirming lens for healing and growth."

    -Dr. Shanéa Thomas, LICSW (he/she/Dr.); LGBTQ+ Training Specialist and Assistant Clinical Research; Professor at University of Maryland (College Park)/School of Public Health/ Prevention Research Center

    "As a Latina working in Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice for almost 20 years, I am ecstatic about The People’s Book of Human Sexuality: Expanding the Sexology Archive! For far too long the lived experiences and brilliance of BIPOC folks in the field of sexuality education have been set aside, erased, or appropriated by others. I cannot wait to share it."

    -Aimee R. Thorne-Thomsen, MPA; Founder, Guerrera Strategies; Board Member, Collective Power for Reproductive Justice

    "Like a baobab tree, this collection is an anchor, a shelter, and will provide deep nourishment for sexologists and practitioners alike."

    -Jamila M. Dawson, LMFT; sex therapist and author of With Pleasure: Managing Trauma Triggers for More Vibrant Sex and Relationships and Essential Clinical Care for Sex Workers: A Sex-Positive Handbook for Mental Health Practictioners

    "This book provides inclusive content and diverse authorship that centers the most impacted on both sides of the work. This holistic textbook is a practice of intersectionality and helps create a multi-dimensional analysis that instigates deep yet practical change at the ideological, institutional, interpersonal, and internalized levels."

    -Aisha Chaudhri, Co-Director of ICAH (Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health); Steering Committee member of ASEC (American Society for Emergency Contraception)

    "Essential reading not only for sexuality professionals, but for anyone seeking body autonomy and sexual liberation! In our efforts to end rape culture and endemic child sexual abuse, the wisdom and expertise of Black, Indigenous and of color folks (especially those who are queer and trans) must be at the foundation of the new world we co-create. I'm hopeful for the ways this book will bring us closer to the world we need and deserve."

    -Amita Y. Swadhin, MPA Founding Co-Director, Mirror Memoirs

    "Growing up, all my sexual health educators in both media and in person, were white. Here is a book that provides space for voices often overlooked and ignored. This book will create a necessary space where we see ourselves and others in this field as well as a chance to learn, heal and grow as individuals and scholars."

    -Danielle Cole, Creator of UKnowTheAnswer.com and qualitative sociology scholar

    "It is so important that sexuality be taught and shared from a variety of sources, people, and cultures. This book will equip the reader with a broader depth of knowledge around sexuality."

    -Erin Tillman, CSE Certified Intimacy Coordinator & Sex Educator