1st Edition

The Permafrost Environment

By Stuart A. Harris Copyright 1986
    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    290 Pages
    by Routledge

    Originally published in 1986, The Permafrost Environment examines how the search for oil, gas and minerals in the arctic region instigated new and vitally important needs to understand the permafrost environment. The construction of roads, airfields, buildings and pipelines in this inhospitable environment has posed enormous problems for engineers and geologists. This book is a comprehensive review of the nature of the permafrost environment and its utilization. It looks at environmental processes and their effects and examines the management problems which result. It provides a detailed look at how normal procedures for construction etc. need to be modified to cope with the special conditions and it gives examples from throughout the arctic region, including Canada, Siberia, Alaska, Greenland and Northern Scandinavia.



    1. Introduction

    2. The Permafrost Identification, Nature and Processes

    3. Distribution and Stability of Permafrost

    4. Foundations in Permafrost Regions

    5. Roads and Railways

    6. Airfields

    7. Oil and Gas Industry

    8. Mining

    9. Water Supply, Waste Disposal, and Provision of Electricity

    10. Agriculture and Forestry



    Abbreviations of Units of Measure


    Stuart A. Harris (University of Calgary)