1st Edition

The Persian Gulf (RLE Iran A)

By Arnold Wilson Copyright 1928

    This volume records the history of the Persian Gulf from the very earliest records until the 1920s. It records the rise and fall of ancient Empires and discusses the rule of Turks and Arabs. It chronicles the Western maritime nations – the Portuguese, Dutch, French and British – outstrip one another in trade and influence.

    1. Introductory  2. Primitive Man in the Persian Gulf and Oman  3. The Persian Gulf in the Earliest Historical Times  4. The Classical Writers  5. The Middle Ages – Iraq, Khuzistan, Fars, Kirman and Makran  6. The Middle Ages (cont’d) – Oman and Bahrain  7. Siraf, Qais, and Hormuz  8. The Coming of the Portuguese  9. English and Portuguese Rivalry  10. The Expulsion of the Portuguese  11. The Dutch  12. The Eighteenth Century and the Growth of British Influence  13. Piracy  14. The Slave Trade  15. The Growth of the Arab Principalities  16. The Persian Gulf in International Politics  Appendix A Summary of Scientific Research in the Persian Gulf.  List of Abbreviations.  Bibliography. Index.



    Multivolume collection by leading authors in the field

    'The style is readable throughout, the documentation full, and it would hardly be possible to find in any other compilation the same volume of regional-historical information about this vitally interesting area.' Petroleum Times

    'Most fascinating reading...it embodies a lifetime of scholarly research and a profound knowledge.' Trident