1st Edition

The Philosophy, Theory and Methods of J. L. Moreno The Man Who Tried to Become God

By John Nolte Copyright 2014
    280 Pages
    by Routledge

    278 Pages
    by Routledge

    J. L. Moreno, M.D., is recognized as the originator of sociometry and psychodrama, and was a prodigious creator of methods and theories of creativity, society, and human behavior. The methods and techniques he authored have been widely adopted; the theories and philosophy upon which the methods are founded have not, as they are frequently couched in language which is not easily understood. Moreno’s ideas about group psychotherapy have pretty well gotten lost, and what he considered his greatest contribution, sociometry, gets paid superficial attention by most psychodramatists . Group psychotherapy and psychodrama are both widely practiced but often based on non-Morenean theory, likely due to the inaccessibility of Moreno’s work.

    This book outlines Moreno’s early years (his religious phase), the philosophy on which the foundation of his methods are based, and a description of the three major methods Moreno originated: psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy. It provides a more systematic presentation of Moreno’s work and presents his philosophy and theory clearer, more understandable manner.

    Introduction Part I: The Religious Phase 1. The Man in the Green Cloak 2. Young Man of Many Parts 3. Role Reversal with God Part II: The Philosophy 4. Morenean Philosophy 5. The Canon of Creativity  6. The Physics of Spontaneity–Creativity Part III: The Morenean Methods 7. Group Psychotherapy 8. Sociometry, a New Model for Social Science 9. Sociometric Theory 10. Psychodrama and Sociodrama 11. Psychodramatic Theory 12. Appraising J.L. Moreno


    John Nolte has a doctorate in clinical psychology from Washington University, and was trained in psychodrama by J.L. and Zerka Moreno. He served as Director of Training for the Moreno Institute after Moreno's death. He is currently working as a training consultant and staff member of Trial Lawyers College in Dubois, Wyoming, USA.

    'In summary, Nolte has written a book that contains a great wealth of thoughtful interpretation of Moreno’s writing. Every institute should have this book in its library for students to study. Moreno wanted to encourage the spirit of creativity and did not intend that his formulations be the final word.'- Adam Blatner, Journal of Psychodrama, Sociometry and Group Psychotherapy

    'I think The Philosophy, Theory and Methods of J.L. Moreno: The Man Who Tried to Become God ... is particularly valuable for those interested in a detailed history of psychodrama, the origins of group psychotherapy, and the creation of sociometry as representing the three major contributions of J.L. Moreno's prolific career.' - Sherry Lynn Hatcher, PsycCRITIQUES

    'In summary, let me suggest that psychodrama trainers read this book with an eye on their trainees and those in training consider this book to improve their grasp of Moreno's philosophy, theory and methods. Practitioners will simply find it a valuable and enjoyable reminder of the breadth of their craft.' - Peter Howie, AANZPA Journal, December 2014.