1st Edition

The Philosophy of Nietzsche

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ISBN 9781902683904
Published March 26, 2004 by Routledge
240 Pages


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Book Description

This important new introduction to Nietzsche's philosophical work provides readers with an excellent framework for understanding the central concerns of his philosophical and cultural writings. It shows how Nietzsche's ideas have had a profound influence on European philosophy and why, in recent years, Nietzsche scholarship has become the battleground for debates between the analytic and continental traditions over philosophical method. The book is divided into three parts. In the first part, the author discusses morality, religion and nihilism to show why Nietzsche rejects certain components of the Western philosophical and religious traditions as well as the implications of this rejection. In the second part, the author explores Nietzsche's ambivalent and sophisticated reflections on some of philosophy's biggest questions. These include his criticisms of metaphysics, his analysis of truth and knowledge, and his reflections on the self and consciousness. In the final section, Welshon discusses some of the ways in which Nietzsche transcends, or is thought to transcend, the Western philosophical tradition, with chapters on the will to power, politics, and the flourishing life.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgements Abbreviations Introduction 1. Morality 2. Religion 3. Nihilism 4. Metaphysics 5. Truth 6. Logic and Epistemology 7. Psychology 8. The Will to Power 9. Life, Virtue, Politics Guide to Further Reading Index

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