The Philosophy of Religion Reader  book cover
1st Edition

The Philosophy of Religion Reader

Edited By

Chad Meister

ISBN 9780415408912
Published November 2, 2007 by Routledge
736 Pages

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Book Description

Reflecting current trends and research interests in the field - including the growing interest in religious diversity and global philosophy of religion - this broad and up to date introduction explores key writings from both the Western theistic tradition and from non-Western, non-theistic sources.

The nine sections cover:

  • Religious Diversity
  • The Nature and Attributes of God
  • Arguments for and Against the Existence of God
  • Science
  • Faith and Miracles
  • The Self and Human Condition
  • Religious Experience
  • The Problem of Evil and Suffering
  • Death and the Afterlife.

With section introductions, discusssion questions, extensive bibliographies and a supporting website featuring additional material, it is the ideal reference tool to help clarify important points and reinforce understanding.



Table of Contents

General Introduction, Part 1, Religious Diversity 1. John Hick, RELIGIOUS PLURALISM AND THE PLURALISTIC HYPOTHESIS, 2.  Keith Ward TRUTH AND THE DIVERSITY OF RELIGIONS  3. Alvin Plantinga A DEFENSE OF RELIGIOUS EXCLUSIVISM  4. Joseph Runzo RELIGIOUS RELATIVISM  5. The Dalai Lama  INTERRELIGIOUS HARMONY, Part 2, The Nature and Attributes of God/ Ultimate Reality  6. Avicenna GOD’S NATURE AND KNOWLEDGE   7. Moses Maimonides DIVINE SIMPLICITY, NEGATIVE THEOLOGY, AND GOD-TALK 8. Boethius PROVIDENCE, FOREKNOWLEDGE, AND FREE WILL  9. Thomas Aquinas OMNIPOTENCE  10. Ramanuja GOD AS INFINITE, PERSONAL, AND GOOD 11. Thomas V. Morris GOD INCARNATE AND TRIUNE  12. William Hasker THE OPENNESS OF GOD  13. Nicholas Rescher PROCESS THEOLOGY—GOD IN AND FOR NATURE 14. Shankara BRAHMAN IS ALL  15. Lao Tzu THE TAO 16. K. N. Jayatilleke  NIRVANA IS ULTIMATE REALITY  Part 3 Arguments for and against the Existence of God  17. Thomas Aquinas THE CLASSICAL COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT  18. William Lane Craig THE KALAM COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT  19. J. L. Mackie  A CRITIQUE OF COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENTS  20. Quentin Smith A LOGICAL ARGUMENT AGAINST A DIVINE CAUSE  21. William Paley THE CLASSICAL DESIGN ARGUMENT  22. Michael J. Behe  A RECENT INTELLIGENT DESIGN ARGUMENT  23. Robin Collins A RECENT FINE-TUNING ARGUMENT  24. David Hume A CRITIQUE OF THE DESIGN ARGUMENT  25. Anselm of Canterbury THE CLASSICAL ONTOLOGICAL ARGUMENT  26. Guanilo of Marmoutier GUANILO’S RESPONSE TO ANSELM  27. Immanuel Kant A CRITIQUE OF THE ONTOLOGICAL ARGUMENT  28. Charles Hartshorne A RECENT ONTOLOGICAL ARGUMENT  29. Paul Copan THE MORAL ARGUMENT  30. Ludwig Feuerbach RELIGION AS PROJECTION  31. J. P. Moreland  THE NOÖLOGICAL ARGUMENT  Part 4, Faith, Reason and Evidence  32. W. K. Clifford THE ETHICS OF BELIEF  33. William James  THE WILL TO BELIEVE  34. Alvin Plantinga  BELIEF IN GOD AS PROPERLY BASIC  35. Blaise Pascal THE WAGER  Part 5, Religion, Science and Miracles  36. David Hume  THE UNREASONABILITY OF BELIEF IN MIRACLES  37. Richard Swinburne A CASE FOR MIRACLES  38. Alvin Plantinga NATURALISM AND SCIENCE  39. Daniel C. Dennett SCIENCE AND RELIGION  Part 6, The Self and the Human Condition  40. Augustine  THE FALLEN SELF  41. Mencius HUMAN NATURE IS NATURALLY GOOD  42. Friederich Nietzsche THE NOBLE HUMAN BEING  43. Nagarjuna THE EMPTY SELF  44 D. T. Suzuki KARMA AND THE SELF IN ZEN BUDDHISM  Part 7, Religious Experience  45. William James MYSTICISM AND RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE  46. Julian of Norwich EXPERIENCING GOD  47. D. T. Suzuki SATORI/ENLIGHTENMENT  48. Sigmund Freud RELIGIOUS IDEAS AS WISH FULFILLMENTS  49. R. Douglas Geivett THE EVIDENTIAL VALUE OF RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE  Part 8, The Problem of Evil  50. William L. Rowe THE PROBLEM OF EVIL  51. John Hick A SOUL-MAKING THEODICY  52. Alvin Plantinga A FREE WILL DEFENSE  53. Marilyn McCord Adams HORRENDOUS EVIL  54. David J. Kalupahana SUFFERING—A BUDDHIST PERSPECTIVE  Part 9, Death and the Afterlife  55. Plato IMMORTALITY OF THE SOUL  56. Stephen T. Davis RESURRECTION OF THE BODY  57. Paul K. Moser DEATH, DYING, AND THE HIDDENNESS OF GOD  58.  Charles Taliaferro WHY WE NEED IMMORTALITY  59. Sri Aurobindo REBIRTH AND THE SELF  60. Robin LePoidevin SHOULD THE ATHEIST FEAR DEATH?  Part 10, Recent Trends  61. Pamela Sue Anderson  FEMINISM IN PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION  62. Sallie King RELIGION AND A GLOBAL ETHIC  63. Roger S. Gottlieb  RELIGION AND THE ENVIRONMENT  Glossary  Index

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Chad Meister is Director of Philosophy at Bethel College, USA. He has written and edited a number of books in philosophy of Religion including The Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Religion, co-edited with Paul Copan (2007).