1st Edition

The Philosophy of Society

Edited By Rodger Beehler, Alan R. Drengson Copyright 1978

    The Philosophy of Society (1978) examines no less a weighty subject than human society. In fifteen essays, it analyses a series of fundamentally important questions about how human beings organise themselves.

    Part 1. Forms of Social Life  Introduction Rodger Beehler.  1. Nature and Convention Peter Winch  2. Morality and Pessimism Stuart Hampshire  3. Understanding a Primitive Society H.O. Mounce  Part 2. Social Reality and Social Inquiry  Introduction Rodger Beehler.  4. Behaviouralism in Political Science John Cook  5. Psychology and Ideology Noam Chomsky  6. Interpretation and the Sciences of Man Charles Taylor  Part 3. Social Institutions and Social Change  Introduction Alan R. Drengson.  7. Aestheticism, Perfectionism, Utopianism Karl Popper  8. ‘Social Engineering’ Rush Rhees  9. Between Obedience and Revoluton Clyde Frazier  Part 4. Cultural Relativism  Introduction Alan R. Drengson.  10. Anthropology and the Abnormal Ruth Benedict  11. Cultural Relativism as an Ethnocentric Notion John Cook  12. On Seeing Things Differently Richard Norman  Part 5. Community  Introduction Alan R. Drengson.  13. Reason, Rules and the ‘Community’ A.E. Murphy  14. Oppression Simone Weil  15. Alienation and Anomie Steven Lukes


    Rodger Beehler and Alan R. Drengson