1st Edition

The Photographic Atlas of the Stars

    The Photographic Atlas of the Stars contains 50, high-quality full color photographs of the entire night sky of the northern and southern hemispheres. Each plate is accompanied by a star map of the identical area, which identifies the main stars of the constituent constellations as well as other interesting astronomical objects. In addition to this detail, Sir Patrick Moore has written a commentary for each plate that highlights the stars and objects of interest to observers equipped with binoculars and that includes detailed tabular information on astronomical objects of the region. The resulting double-page spread provides an invaluable reference for the amateur astronomer, detailing the constellations and other heavenly bodies of interest that are observable with the naked eye, binoculars, or a small telescope.


    HJP Arnold, P Doherty, P Moore

    "The concept of this atlas is exciting in that colour photographs of the sky are shown opposite a same scale chart prepared from a black on white enlargement from the same slide. Thus every object identified is clearly seen in relation to the surrounding field. To this is added a description by Patrick Moore of all the objects of interest which are featured. What else could any amateur ask for when wanting to pinpoint specific objects? … Well worth reading thoroughly … Paul Doherty's charts are delightfully clear and nowhere do they seem cluttered or confusing. The designations and labels do not detract from the ability to make easy comparisons with the opposing photographs … There are many hours of amusement ahead for any amateur who takes the trouble to work through this book systematically."
    -Cliff Turk, MNASSA, Vol. 58, Nos. 7 and 8