1st Edition

The Physics and Technology of Laser Resonators

By Denis Hall Copyright 1990

    Comprehensive yet concise, The Physics and Technology of Laser Resonators presents both the fundamentals and latest developments in laser resonator technology, including specific case studies. The book covers various types of resonators, including unstable, ring laser, and multifold laser. It also discusses numerical resonator calculations and laser beam analysis. This reference will be of value and interest both to newcomers to the field and to professional engineers wishing to update their knowledge.

    Fundamentals of resonator physics: Laser resonators and Gaussian beams by A.C. Walker

    Unstable resonators by P.E. Dyer

    Theory of waveguide laser resonators by C.A. Hill

    Ring laser resonators by T.A. King

    Multifold laser resonators by H.J. Baker

    Resonators with variable reflectivity mirrors by V Magni, S. de Silvestri, and A. Cybo-Ottone

    Numerical resonator calculations by P.E. Jackson

    Frequency stabilization of lasers by K.M. Abramski and D.R. Hall

    Propagation of multimode laser beams-the M2 factor by M.W. Sasnett

    Laser beam analysis by geometrical optics by W.A.E. Goethals

    Laser resonator technology: YAG laser resonator technology by G. Burrows

    Resonators for dye laser and optical parametric


    Denis Hall, P.E. Jackson

    "… expert contributors have achieved their objective of bringing together in a single volume an introduction to the physics of laser resonators and laser beams together with less readily available information on the application of the basic principles of the design of resonators for the most updated types of laser in common use today."
    -Laser Magazine