1st Edition

The Places and Spaces of News Audiences

Edited By Chris Peters Copyright 2017
    148 Pages
    by Routledge

    148 Pages
    by Routledge

    Historically, or so we would like to believe, the story of everyday life for many people included regular, definitive moments of news consumption. Journalism, in fact, was distributed around these routines: papers were delivered before breakfast, the evening news on TV buttressed the transition from dinner to prime time programming, and radio updates were centred around commuting patterns. These habits were organized not just around specific times but occurred in specific places, following a predictable pattern.

    However, the past few decades have witnessed tremendous changes in the ways we can consume journalism and engage with information – from tablets, to smartphones, online, and so forth – and the different places and moments of news consumption have multiplied as a result, to the point where news is increasingly mobile and instantaneous. It is personalized, localized and available on-demand. Day-by-day, month-by-month, year-by-year, technology moves forward, impacting more than just the ways in which we get news. These fundamental shifts change what news ‘is’. This book expands our understanding of contemporary news audiences and explores how the different places and spaces of news consumption change both our experiences of journalism and the roles it plays in our everyday lives. This book was originally published as a special issue of Journalism Studies.

    Introduction: The places and spaces of news audiences Chris Peters

    1. News Now: Interface, ambience, flow, and the disruptive spatio-temporalities of mobile news media Mimi Sheller

    2. Toward New Journalism(s): Affective news, hybridity, and liminal spaces Zizi Papacharissi

    3. Locative News: Mobile media, place informatics, and digital news Gerard Goggin, Fiona Martin, and Tim Dwyer

    4. News Media Old and New: Fluctuating audiences, news repertoires and locations of consumption Kim Christian Schrøder

    5. News Media Consumption in the Transmedia Age: Amalgamations, orientations and geo-social structuration André Jansson and Johan Lindell

    6. News in the Community? Investigating emerging inter-local spaces of news production/consumption Luke Dickens, Nick Couldry, and Aristea Fotopoulou

    7. Citizens of Nowhere Land: Youth and news consumption in Europe Shakuntala Banaji and Bart Cammaerts


    Chris Peters is Associate Professor of Media and Communication at Aalborg University, Denmark. His research explores the ways people get and experience information in everyday life and the sociocultural impact of transformations in the digital era. His publications include Rethinking Journalism (with Marcel Broersma, 2013), Rethinking Journalism Again (with Marcel Broersma, 2016), and Retelling Journalism (with Marcel Broersma, 2014).