1st Edition

The Plural Social Sphere Insights from Contemporary Indian Society

    230 Pages 9 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge India

    This book reiterates pluralism as the basic feature of the Indian social sphere. It highlights challenges to the continuity of the plural fabric of India’s society and culture. Acknowledging that socio-political concerns on women’s issues do not always find adequate representation in social science texts, the book explores issues and policies related to gender. It locates the roots of feminist fundamentalism, studies the reactions to it, and brings forth the demands relating to new agendas and strategies for feminism. The authors also present empirical studies on issues faced by minority communities in India.


    An important contribution, this book will be of interest to scholars and researchers of sociology, political sociology, gender studies, exclusion studies, South Asian studies, Affirmative action, and political science.


    T. K. Oommen: Reminiscence of a Student 

    Sakarama Somayaji    


    PART I: The Plural Social Sphere: Disciplinary Explorations


    1.      Radha Kamal Mukerjee: Social Ecology and the Malthusian Legacy

    Stig Toft Madsen


    2.      Sociologists’ Dilemma: Pursue Local or Global Sociology?

    Khurshed Alam


    3.      Women and Local Knowledge System: Understanding inter-linkages in the process of knowledge construction

    Sunita Dhall


    4.      The Ontological and Aesthetic Crises

    Sanjay K. Roy


    5.      Ethical Dilemmas in Social and Economic Policies

    M. V. Nadkarni


    6.      Developing a Method for the Study of Amitabh Bachchan

    Susmita Dasgupta


    7.      Social Research and the Socio-political Issues in India

    Prakash Desai


    Part II: Discerning Gender: Issues and Policies


    8.      Looking beyond Feminism: The Dynamics Behind and the Demands Ahead

    Navaneeta Rath


    9.      Gender, Law, and Equity: An Analysis of the Travails of Tribal Women in India

    Tapan R. Mohanty


    10.  The changing position of women in STEM: The context of Indian society and State

    Namrata Gupta


    11.  Population Ageing: Gender and Health Issues

    Baharul Islam Laskar 


    Part III: Discerning the Margins: Lessons from the Field


    12.  Food Security and Markets: Understanding the Protests over India’s Changing Social Contract with Farmers

    Sukhpal Singh


    13.  Human Rights Violation in India

    Anirban Banerjee


    14.  Educational Situation of Muslims in India: A Study of some Villages in Malda District of West Bengal

    S. A. H. Moinuddin


    15.  The Fabric of Life on the Edge: The Endangered Handloom Weavers of Odisha

    Annapurna Devi Pandey





    Sakarama Somayaji, Shree Keshetra Hosakatte Trust, (Agency for Social Development of Underprivileged), Mundadi, Karnataka, India.


    Ganesha Somayaji, Professor of Sociology, Goa University, India.


    Joanna P. Coelho, Sociology Programme, Goa University, India.