1st Edition

The Poesis of Peace Narratives, Cultures, and Philosophies

Edited By Klaus-Gerd Giesen, Carool Kersten, Lenart Škof Copyright 2017
    230 Pages
    by Routledge

    230 Pages 3 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Exploring the relations between the concepts of peace and violence with aesthetics, nature, the body, and environmental issues, The Poesis of Peace applies a multidisciplinary approach to case studies in both Western and non-Western contexts including Islam, Chinese philosophy, Buddhist and Hindu traditions. Established and renowned theologians and philosophers, such as Kevin Hart, Eduardo Mendieta, and Clemens Sedmak, as well as upcoming and talented young academics look at peace and non-violence through the lens of recent scholarly advances on the subject achieved in the fields of theology, philosophy, political theory, and environmentalism.

    Notes on Contributors


    Editors' Introduction: Poesis of Peace: Narratives, Cultures, and Philosophies

    Klaus-Gerd Giesen, Carool Kersten, and Lenart Škof

    Part I: Peacemaking and Narratives of Peace

    1 Peace Is Not the Absence of War: The Vernaculars of the Humanum

    Eduardo Mendieta

    2 Peace, Vulnerability, and the Human Imagination

    Clemens Sedmak

    3 Aesthetic Imagination and Animate Peace

    Pauline von Bonsdorff

    4 The Primordial Respiratory Peace and the Possibility of Cultivation of Breathing as a Method of Peacemaking

    Petri Berndtson

    5 On Sacred Genealogies in Antigone and Sāvitrī

    Lenart Škof

    Part II: Intercultural Approaches to Peace and Non-Violence

    6 Islam Versus the West? Muslim Challenges of a False Binary

    Carool Kersten

    7 Lanza del Vasto: A Doctrine of Just and Non-Violent Conflict

    Klaus-Gerd Giesen

    8 ‘Woman under a Roof’: Peace as Ethical Spatiality in Classical Chinese Philosophy

    Helena Motoh

    9 Making Mettā: The Poesis of Wholesome States among Homeleavers in Pāli Buddhism

    Victor Forte

    10 Peace in Abhinavagupta’s Poetics: The Curious Case of Śānta Rasa

    Tina Košir  

    Part III: Poetic Dwellings and Landscapes of Peace

    11 Blanchot’s Hölderlin

    Kevin Hart

    12 Edgelands: Topographies of Metaphor and the Renewal of Wilderness

    Owen Gurrey

    13 Know Food, Know Peace? Community-Based Agriculture and the Practice of Non-Violence

    Emily A. Holmes

    14 An Impossible Peace: The Aesthetic Disruptiveness of Climate Change

    Paul Haught


    Klaus-Gerd Giesen is Professor of Political Science at the Université d'Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand, France. He specializes in international relations and political philosophy. More information can be found on his website: www.giesen.fr.

    Carool Kersten is Senior Lecturer in the Study of Islam and the Muslim World at King’s College London, UK. He is the author and editor of several books on contemporary Islam, including Islam in Indonesia: The Contest for Society, Ideas and Values (2015), Alternative Islamic Discourses and Religious Authority (2013), Demystifying the Caliphate (2013), and Cosmopolitans and Heretics (2011).

    Lenart Škof is Professor of Philosophy and Head of the Institute for Philosophical Studies at the Science and Research Centre Koper, Slovenia, and Professor at Alma Mater Europaea, Maribor, Slovenia. He is also Visiting Professor of Religion at the Faculty of Theology, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. He recently co-edited Breathing with Luce Irigaray (2013) and is an author of several books, among them Pragmatist Variations on Ethical and Intercultural Life (2012) and Breath of Proximity: Intersubjectivity, Ethics and Peace (2015). He is President of the Slovenian Society for Comparative Religion. More information can be found at: http://upr-si.academia.edu/LenartŠkof.