1st Edition

The Political Economy Of Devaluation The Case Of Peru, 19751978

By Jorge L. Daly Copyright 1984
    127 Pages
    by Routledge

    142 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book has greatly benefited from the intellectual advice of Jim Weaver, Don Bowles, and Richard Weisskoff, who supervised my doctoral dissertation at The American University.

    LIST OF TABlES -- ACKNOWLEDGMENTS -- Chapter -- I. INTRODUTION -- Purpose and Importance of the Study -- Methodology -- The Data -- II. THE PERUVIAN ECONOMY IN THE 1970s: -- A DESCRIPTIVE ANALYSIS -- Structural Analysis of the Peruvian Economy -- The Importance of the External Sector -- Crisis -- III. SURVEY AND THEORETICAL RATIONALE OF -- STABILIZATION POLICIES -- Survey of the Stabilization Policies -- Theoretical Rationale -- Applicability -- IV. DEVALUATION: EMPIRICAL RESULTS AND -- MACROECONOMIC IMPACT -- Theoretical Rationale -- Structure -- Results -- Macroeconomic Impact -- V. ALTERNATIVE APPROACHES -- Theoretical Framework -- A General Evaluation -- VI. CONCLUSIONS -- EPILOGUE -- BIBLIOGRAPHY.