1st Edition

The Political Economy Of International Organizations A Public Choice Approach

By Roland Vaubel, Thomas D Willett Copyright 1992
    311 Pages
    by Routledge

    320 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book focuses on the nature of the public choice approach and many of the types of issues it raises. It presents a number of specific applications of public choice theory to the analysis of major international and regional economic organizations.

    Introduction Roland Vaubel and Thomas D. Willett  Part One  The Public Choice Approach to International Economic Issues and Organizations: Theory  Chapter 1 The Public Choice View of International Political Economy Bruno S. Frey  Chapter 2 A Public Choice View of International Organization Roland Vaubel  Chapter 3 Canons of Public Choice Analysis of International Agreements Rodney T. Smith  Chapter 4 International Organizations from the Constitutional Point of View Bruno S. Frey and Beat Gygi  Chapter 5 Approaches to the Study of International Organizations: Major Paradigms in Economics and Political Science Patricia Dillon, Thomas L. Ilgen and Thomas D. Willett  Chapter 6 International Institutions and the Market for Information Michele Fratianni and John Pattison  Part Two Applications  Chapter 7 The GATT as an International Discipline over Trade Restrictions: A Public Choice Approach J. Michael Finger  Chapter 8 A Public Choice Perspective of the International Energy Program Rodney T. Smith  Chapter 9 U.S. Policy and the Law of the Sea Conference, 1969-1982: A Case Study of Multilateral Negotiations Ross D. Eckert  Chapter 10The Political Economy of the International Monetary Fund: A Public Choice Analysis Roland Vaubel  Chapter 11Determinants of Foreign Aid Under Alternative Institutional Arrangements Hannelore Weck-Hannemann and Friedrich Schneider  Chapter 12 Unanimous Decisions in a Redistributive Context: The Council of Ministers of the European Communities William S. Peirce  Chapter 13 The Common Agricultural Policy of the European Community: A Public Choice Interpretation  Tim Josling and H. Wayne Moyer  Chapter 14 A Public Choice View of the Delors Report Roland Vaubel