1st Edition

The Political Economy of China-Myanmar Relations

By Yizheng Zou Copyright 2024

    The Political Economy of China-Myanmar Relations is a comprehensive guide that seeks to fill the gap in research on China-Myanmar relations. This book provides readers with a deeper understanding of the long-term continuity of China-Myanmar relations, which has yet to be fully explored by the academic community.

    The Political Economy of China-Myanmar Relations covers a wide range of topics related to the bilateral relationship between China and Myanmar. The book offers an in-depth analysis of Chinese investment and aid in Myanmar's economy, including infrastructure projects. It also explores how Chinese investment has impacted Myanmar's society and environment. In addition to economic issues, Zou also examines political developments in Myanmar, including the peace process with ethnic armed groups and democratic reforms. The way China's interests intersect with these developments and how it has influenced Myanmar's domestic politics is analyzed, and the role of other major powers such as India, Japan, and the US in shaping China-Myanmar relations is discussed.

    This book is particularly useful for scholars and researchers interested in understanding the complex dynamics of China-Myanmar relations. Policymakers and business leaders will also find this book valuable as it offers practical insights into how China's growing influence is shaping Myanmar's political and economic landscape.



    Chapter 1. Chinese State-Owned Enterprises in Myanmar

    Chapter 2. The Political Economy of China's Overseas Interests in Myanmar

    Chapter 3. BRI Projects under Aung San Suu Kyi: A Deeper Inquiry into Delays and Dilemmas

    Chapter 4. COVID-19's Impact: Evolving Public Health and Security Challenges

    Chapter 5. China-Myanmar law enforcement cooperation and related security issues

    Chapter 6. The Myanmar coup and China’s responses

    Chapter 7. The People’s Defence Force and China's Influence over Myanmar's Political Landscape

    Chapter 8. EAOs' Extrajudicial Economics and Chinese Interests in Northern Myanmar




    Yizheng Zou is an associate professor at Shenzhen University in China, specializing in international affairs research, particularly on Southeast Asian issues and specifically on Myanmar. He also conducts research on the history of Hong Kong.