1st Edition

The Political Economy of Regionalism

Edited By Michael Keating, John Loughlin Copyright 1997
    504 Pages
    by Routledge

    504 Pages
    by Routledge

    Examining the effects of economic and political restructuring on regions in Europe and North America, the main themes here are: international economic restructuring; political realignments questions of territorial identity; and policy choices and policy conflicts in regional development.

    The strength of the book lies not only in the breadth of material, but in the juxtaposition of different viewpoints and examples, al making connections between cultural, political, institutional and territorial contexts. Town Planning Review

    Regional and Federal Studies 1997

    "This book is necessary reading for students of globalization searching for ways to unpack this abstract concept"

    European Planning Studies - reviewed by Deron Ferguson - Uni of Washington

    "This collection represents a substantial resource for anyone interested in "the regional question"

    "..anyone interested in regionalism will likely find several chapters of interest, or more, in this volume."

    Space and Polity, Vol 2, No 2 1998 - Reviewed by Donald McNeill -

    "..there is undoubtedly a lot here of merit...the book should serve as a useful reference work for those seeking background on regional developments in various parts of the world.."

    Urban Studies, Vol 35, No 2, 1998

    "Certainly the volume provides ample evidence of the diversity of the regional question and of the responses to it, and ... there is much here to enlighten our understanding."

    Tijdschrift voor Economische en Sociale Geografie, Vol 91, No 1, 2000

    "I would strongly recommend this volume for advanced classes and seminars on place, territory and identity; regionalism in a post cold war world; contemporary political Europe; and regionalism and international relations. ... I would encourage the editors to continue their research on this important topic ... and I hope the publisher will continue its commitment to publishing cutting-edge geopolitical and political economy research."

    Royal Dutch Geographical Society

    "I would strongly recommend this volume for advanced classes and seminars on place, territory and identity: regionalism in a post cold war world: contemporary political Europe: and regionalism and international relations"

    "Cutting Edge


    Michael Keating, John Loughlin