1st Edition

The Politics of Security in Modern Russia

Edited By Mark Galeotti Copyright 2010

    The Putin era saw a striking 'securitization' of politics, something that he has bequeathed to his chosen successor, Dmitry Medvedev. The omens from the early days of the Medvedev presidency have been mixed, marked both by less confrontational rhetoric towards the West and by war with Georgia and continued re-armament. Has the Medvedev generation learned the lessons not just from the Soviet era but also from the Yeltsin and Putin presidencies, or will security remain the foundation of Russian foreign and domestic policy? Fully up-to-date to reflect the evolving Medvedev presidency, the 2008 Georgian war and the impact of the economic downturn, this volume is a much needed objective and balanced examination of the ways in which security has played and continues to play a central role in contemporary Russian politics. The combination of original scholarship with extensive empirical research makes this volume an invaluable resource for all students and researchers of Russian politics and security affairs.

    Chapter 1 Introduction, Mark Galeotti; Chapter 2 Security Strategy: Sovereign Democracy and Great Power Aspirations, Graeme Herd; Chapter 3 The Politics of Security, Mark Smith1The views expressed in this chapter are entirely and solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect official thinking and policy either of the UK Government or of the Ministry of Defence; Chapter 4 Civil–Military Relations and the Security Apparatus, Bettina Renz; Chapter 5 Neither Reform Nor Modernisation: The Armed Forces Under and After Putin’s Command, Pavel Baev; Chapter 6 Chechnya and Regional Security, C.W. Blandy; Chapter 7 Nuclear Arms Control After a Time of Troubles, Stephen J. Cimbala; Chapter 8 Terrorism, Crime and the Security Forces, Mark Galeotti; Chapter 9 The ‘Security Economy’, Julian Cooper; Chapter 10 Russia’s Unending Quest for Security, Stephen Blank; aft Afterword, Dmitri Trenin;


    Mark Galeotti is Academic Chair, Center for Global Affairs, New York University, USA

    'Incisive, well-informed and disturbing.' Edward Lucas, The Economist ’Much attention has been paid to Russia’s renewed vigour on the international stage and the perceived rise in anti-Western rhetoric. This excellent volume provides a timely analysis of the development of the country’s security policy under Putin and Medvedev, based predominantly on Russian source material.’ Slavonic and East European Review 'The Politics of Security in Modern Russia brings together quality academic research and sound assessments on security and security services in Russian policy development [and] has great value for readers looking to gain a better understanding of Russia’s security policies and how they are developed.' Military Review