152 Pages
    by Routledge

    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    The portfolio is the single most important part of every architectural student's education. This book proides a complete guide to preparing, compiling and presenting this crucial element of the architecture course.

    The experienced author team gives practical advice for the creation of the portfolio covering issues of size, storage, layout and order. They go on to guide the student through the various forms a portfolio can take: the Electronic Portfolio, the Academic Portfolio and the Professional Portfolio suggesting different approaches and different media to use in order to create the strongest portfolio possible. The team also presents the best examples from international student portfolios to show the reader their recommendations in practice.

    The book has a companion website where full colour representations of the best examples of portfolio work can be accessed.

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    Introduction: Why is the Portfolio Essential in Architectural Education?, The Handbook; Getting Started: What is a Portfolio?, Digital vs 'Traditional' Portfolios, Buying the Right Portfolio - What are the choices?, Portfolios for different occasions, Size Matters; Preparing the Portfolio: Selecting, Storing and Recording You Work, Layout and Labelling, Scanning, Reducing and Reproducing Your Work, Ways of Sending Your Work; Presentation: Text, Image and Order, Graphics in the Portfolio, Narrative Structure of the Portfolio (Photo-Essay); The Electronic Portfolio: How to scan, store and layout images, Acrobat Reader, PDF files - what are they, how do they work?, Sending portfolios from overseas via the Internet, Putting Your Portfolio on the Web; Academic Portfolio: the Portfolio in the Academy. Your CV and References, Balancing Visual and textual projects, Academic Cultures; Professional Portfolio: The Portfolio in the Workplace, Your CV and References, Documenting Built Work, Construction Drawings, Job Markets; Portfolios for International Students: Format, International Cultures, Regional differences; Portfolio Examples.


    Igor Marjanovi?, Katerina Rüedi Ray, Lesley Naa Norle Lokko