1st Edition

The Post-War Condition of Britain

By G.D.H. Cole Copyright 1956

    First published in 1956, The Post-War Condition of Britain measures the extent of changes in Britain since the thirties. It contains more than two hundred tables on such matters as the national income, employment, production and productivity, investment and consumption; health, education, housing, and the insurance, assistance and similar services; on Trade Unions and industrial relations; class structure, political attitudes and party organizations; and the problems of local government and town and country planning. It is simply written, demanding from the reader the minimum of technical knowledge of economics or other specialized studies, and it should serve as an invaluable reference book for all who need exact information.

    Preface Introduction 1. Population 2. Families and Households 3. Class Structure 4. Man-Power and Employment 5. Production 6. Consumption 7. Investment 8. Capital 9. The Public Sector 10. Fuel, Power and Transport 11. Manufacturing Industries 12. Money and Banking 13. External Trade 15. The Balance of Payments 15. Prices and Cost of Living 16. Incomes 17. Wages 18. Profits 19. Monopolies and Restrictive Practices 20. The Cooperative Movement 21. Taxation 22. Armaments 23. The Social Services 24. Education 25. Housing and Roads 26. Town and Country Planning 27. Health 28. Local Government 29. Parties and Elections 30. Trade Unions 31. A Summing Up Sources Appendix Index


    G. D. H. Cole