1st Edition

The Power of Collaboration From Ego-System to Eco-System

By Omri Gefen Copyright 2025
    256 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    256 Pages 32 B/W Illustrations
    by Productivity Press

    Innovation has always been a core driver of growth at most organizations and collaboration is key to driving it. Collaboration facilitates the exchange of ideas and thoughts among team members who then weigh in on them with collective expertise.

    This book is based on a new paradigm which can create the change organizations need. It reveals how to understand, analyze, create and improve all forms of collaborations, with one generic and powerful roadmap. Demonstrated by many examples from organizations, this book defines the architecture of collaborations. The first and second chapters discuss the complexity that characterizes the world today and the changes related to the issue of collaboration, which has become extremely central in our time. Then the book describes the key barriers to cooperation, also defined as our "blind spots" with a list of the ten most common traps and barriers. Most of the time we do not correctly identify our failures and our responsibility for their formation, and therefore we do not produce the appropriate responses to those failures. The book then continues to deal mainly with the architecture of collaborations, describing a structured and systematic model for the effective management of collaborations, with complementary aspects. Other chapters deepen our understanding of Collaborative Leadership, Collaborative Intelligence, the new role of CCO, Coopetition and practical solutions for strengthening collaboration in and between organizations.

    Alongside these are references to different sectors and inter-sectoral partnerships, inviting readers to focus on what is close to their heart.


    Chapter 1. The world is changing: Revolution. Not evolution. Chapter 2. Paradigm shift: From efficiency to relevancy. Chapter 3. Collaboration Blockades: Managers Blind Spots. Chapter 4. The ECA model for managing effective Collaboration. Chapter 5. The ECA model as an analyzing tool. Chapter 6. Implementations of the model – ECP – Effective Collaboration Processes. Chapter 7. Practical solutions for organizational internal and external Collaboration. Chapter 8. CCO – Chief Collaboration Officer – The futuristic profession. Chapter 9. Collaborative Intelligence: When needs and dialogue leads us. Chapter 10. Collaborative Leadership. Chapter 11. Coopetition – Competing and Cooperating. Chapter 12. The public sector – The Eco-System challenge. Chapter 13. Cross Sectors Collaboration – A possible mission? Chapter 14. 50 colors of uniforms – Collaboration in the Military system.


    Afterward the assassination of the Israeli prime minister Itzhak Rabin he initiated the first firm of Mediation in Israel in 1996, and is known as one of the main leaders of the Mediation movement in Israel. Gefen is a senior consultant, leading processes in complex settings, in and between organizations, mainly working with managements and leaders on fields of Collaboration, Trust, Negotiation, Mediation and Consensus Building. He is also the head of the Negotiation training at the Leadership Executive Program in Tel-Aviv University, teaches at Raichman University and a founding partner of the Gome-Gevim Group. His personal journey creating impact in Israeli society is woven into this book, including thousands of hours and countless processes within and between organizations and communities, deep familiarity with the business, public and social sectors, and his insights as an entrepreneur, CEO and partner.

    "As a great believer in the potential of Collaboration, this book strengthens, spurs, and enhances supportive reasons."

    Major General Aviv Kochavi, former IDF Chief of Staff.


    "Inspiring book which places the value of collaboration as a fundamental principle of leadership and relevant corporate management in the new world. In a fluent and simple way Omri Gefen outlines the ways to create growth, to manage crises and to building a healthy culture of transformation and adapting new paradigms. I found the models, insights, personal stories and the emphasis on Collaborative Intelligence as highly valuable, in my journey of innovation and digital transformation, in a world a rapid change."

    Einat Uzent Ravid, CEO Altman Heaith (A large medics firm)


    "Complete partnership in the organization and with its surroundings, is a crucial condition in any process of change, mainly in these concerning strategy, organizational structure and culture."

    Ofer Bloch, CEO Israel Electric Corporation


    "The Power of Collaboration is a fascinating journey to the world of contemporary leadership and innovative management. For big organizations, in a world of storms and reversals, organizational adaptation and adoption of new perceptions is essential. Throughout a personal experience of an organizational and managerial change, I found in this book breakthrough ideas for managing collaboration and empowering commitment and synergy."

    Nir Levinger, CEO Coca-Cola Israel