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1st Edition

The Power of One
Leading with Civility, Candor, and Courage

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ISBN 9781032210599
May 4, 2022 Forthcoming by Productivity Press
200 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Amid COVID-19, George Floyd, #MeToo, and the rising tide of political anger in our country, Americans feel more hungry for change than ever before. Simultaneously, the pandemic and its disruption of "normal" life have made us realize that we can no longer depend on institutional power and authority to cultivate real change. This book speaks into that desire for change and against that sense of powerlessness, equipping its readers to exercise a powerful influence in their workplaces to remove the systemic barriers that exist for themselves and others. The insights and strategies provided in this book impact workplaces and extend into creating inclusive homes, neighborhoods, and communities. This idea of granting power to the powerless taps into the mainstream of a cultural moment that shows no evidence of waning anytime soon. Even as we move past the pandemic, Americans will continue to clamor for the power to change systems they see as unjust in the workplace and beyond. The power of one is the power of the individual through ordinary, everyday actions to influence extraordinary change. This book meets the need by helping readers grab hold of the power they already have (regardless of title or status) and cultivate lasting influence in the lives of people around them. This is its primary purpose. Its secondary objective is to develop the virtues of civility, candor, and courage in its readers and, through them, the corporate and communal spaces they inhabit. This book makes a unique contribution by focusing less on specific strategies for effecting change and more on becoming a person of influence. The former can be helpful as illustrated by the specific strategies provided in the book, but the latter will provide the reader with the infectious influence one needs to effect lasting change The Power of One is the first post-pandemic, social injustice, everything 2020 organizational leadership book. The pandemic year of 2020 significantly impacted how both leaders and individual leaders view their workplace. People reimagined bringing humanity, empathy, and compassion to those they work with and their communities and homes. The Power of One blends traditional leadership fundamentals with the human side of human resources.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Asleep at the Wheel: The Dangers of Default Mode

  • Stuck in Default
  • Wake Up and Drive
  • Conclusion

Chapter 2: The Power You Don’t Think You Have

  • Do You Have the Power?
  • A Distinction That Makes All the Difference
  • Conclusion

Chapter 3: For Such a Time as This

  • Something Better Than an Ally
  • From Allyship to Ourship
  • Owning and Spending Your Power
  • Conclusion

Chapter 4: The Three C’s of Influence

  • Influence and the Power of One
  • The Shape of Powerful Influence
  • Conclusion

Chapter 5: What is Civility?

  • Civility and the Power of Citizenship
  • What Civility Looks Like
  • Are You Really Civilized?
  • Conclusion

Chapter 6: Incivility and the Impact of Bad Citizenship

  • The Impact of Incivility
  • What Makes for a Bad Corporate Citizen?
  • Biased Citizenship and the Danger of a Single Story
  • The First, The Only, and The Power of One
  • Conclusion

Chapter 7: How to Become a Model Citizen

  • Looking for Civility in an Uncivil World
  • Recovering the Virtue of Civility
  • Practicing Virtue: How to Become a Civil Person
  • Conclusion

Chapter 8: Creating a Culture of Civility

  • Defining Civility and Pursuing It Together
  • The Promise of a Civil Culture at Work and in the Community
  • Conclusion: A Plea for Civility

Chapter 9: What is Candor?

  • What is Candor?
  • The Case for Candor
  • The Tension: Civility or Candor
  • Conclusion

Chapter 10: Nothing Good Grows in the Dark

  • Out of the Church and Into the Corporate World
  • Darkened and Darkening Habits
  • Conclusion

Chapter 11: How to Let Your Light Shine

  • Candor Starts With Honesty About Ourselves
  • Shining a Light on Our Privilege
  • Recovering the Virtue of Candor
  • Practicing Virtue: How to Become a Candid Person
  • Conclusion

Chapter 12: Creating a Culture of Candor

  • Woody, Buzz, and The Brain Trust
  • From Cartoons to Cultures
  • The Promise of a Candid Culture at Work and in the Community
  • Conclusion: A Plea for Candor

Chapter 13: What is Courage?

  • Courage: A Matter of the Heart
  • Courage and the Power of One
  • The Workplace Needs our Courage
  • Conclusion

Chapter 14: The Curse of a Faint Heart

  • Leading From Fear
  • Leading with Fear
  • The Personal and Professional Cost of Cowardice
  • Conclusion

Chapter 15: The Firm Handshake

  • The Three Traits of a Courageous Leader
  • Recovering the Virtue of Courage
  • Practicing Virtue: How to Become a Courageous Person
  • Conclusion

Chapter 16: Creating a Culture of Courage

  • The Courage to Stand Together
  • The Cardiomyopathy That Wrenches Us Apart
  • The Four Essential Building Blocks of a Courageous Culture
  • Conclusion

Chapter 17: Conclusion

  • Man Meets Mob
  • A Model Citizen
  • What Comes Out of Darkness into the Light
  • A Heart to Stand With and for Others
  • One Final "C"

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Natasha Bowman, the Founder and President of Performance ReNEW, is recognized as a Top 30 Global Guru for Management. She has labored to transform the American workplace for nearly 20 years as a C-Suite leader. Natasha is a sought-after TedX and international keynote speaker. She has shared her passion for creating positive and engaging workplaces by speaking at the H.R. Congress in Nice, France, the New York Police Department, The City of Detroit, Ford Motor Company, SHRM, Harvard University, Toledo Public Schools, and Google. Her expertise is frequently quoted in national publications such as Forbes, Business Insider, U.S. News, and World Reports, Bloomberg BNA, and H.R. Magazine.