1st Edition

The Practice of American Public Policymaking

By Selden Biggs, Lelia B. Helms Copyright 2007
    530 Pages
    by Routledge

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    Designed for upper-level and professional courses, this text is a state-of-the-art introduction to the public policymaking process that gives equal attention to issues of policy implementation and public governance. It uses an innovative systems approach, integrating the activities, actors, tools, and techniques of policymaking, to provide a comprehensive framework for policy design and analysis. The book is practice-oriented, with a focus on the ways that policymakers at all levels employ the standard "technologies" of governance - authority, agency, program, rule, contract, and budget - to design policy outputs and achieve policy outcomes. Through extensive use of graphics, the text makes concepts easy to grasp for a generation of students accustomed to the visual presentation of ideas. Case studies illustrate the tools and techniques discussed, and key terms, questions for discussion, and suggested readings round out each chapter.

    List of Mini-cases; Part I. Foundations; 1. Introduction; 2. Foundations; 3. Preview; Part II. Policy Inputs; 4. Problems; 5. Politics and Policy Entrepreneurs; 6. Access, Lobbying, and Public Opinion; 7. Agenda Setting; Part III. Production; 8. Policy Technologies and Maps; 9. Authority; 10. Agency; 11. Program; 12. Rule; 13. Contract; 14. Budget; Part IV. Results; 15. Outputs; 16. Outcomes; Part V. Context and Content; 17. Policy Sectors: An Overview; 18. Context: The Government Sector; 19. Context: Civil and Private Sectors; 20. Content: Policies and Policymaking; Part VI. Conclusions.


    Selden Biggs, Lelia B. Helms