1st Edition

The Practice of Social influence in Multiple Cultures

ISBN 9781138012608
Published September 11, 2014 by Psychology Press
398 Pages

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Book Description

This book provides a diverse collection of studies reporting the effects of social influence processes in multiple cultures at both the universal and culture-specific levels. The book is characterized by three distinct features. First, the social influence process is considered as a ubiquitous and pervasive feature of human interaction. Second, the book represents a multicultural approach which includes both cross-cultural and culture-focused examinations. Third, the book emphasizes practical implications of the research presented.

This volume incorporates theory and research stemming from three different approaches to social influence: social influence principles across cultures, social influence and social change across cultures, and culture and moral perspective in the social influence process. Because each of these three parts encompasses a considerable variety of research methodologies, social contexts, and cultures, each is proceeded by an integrative commentary authored by one of the book editors. These essays provide syntheses of the topics and themes within the corresponding sections and within the book as a whole. They also offer critical commentaries on both theoretical and methodological issues, raise suggestions for future research, and focus on practical applications.

This book is intended for both scholars interested in cross- and multicultural research into the mechanisms of the social influence process and for the professional whose mission is to make planned changes in a society. Knowledge about the influence process, especially regarding how it works in different cultures and within several cultural groups, facilitates this goal. The practical implications ending each chapter serve as encouraging instructions for such applications.

Table of Contents

Contents: W. Wosinska, R.B. Cialdini, D.W. Barrett, Preface. Part I:Principles of Social Influence Across Cultures. J. Reykowski, Overview and Commentary. S.S. Iyengar, J. Brockner, Cultural Differences in Self and the Impact of Personal and Social Influence. R.B. Cialdini, W. Wosinska, D.W. Barrett, J. Butner, M. Górnik-Durose, The Differential Impact of Two Social Influence Principles on Individualists and Collectivists in Poland and the United States. E.R. Spangenberg, A.G. Greenwald, Self-Prophecy as a Behavior Modification Technique in the United States. P.A. Miller, J. Kozu, A.C. Davis, Social Influence, Empathy, and Prosocial Behavior in Cross-Cultural Perspective. M. Pietras, Social Influence Principles in Polish Advertising and Consumer Decision Making. M.W. Morris, J.M. Podolny, S. Ariel, Culture, Norms, and Obligations: Cross-National Differences in Patterns of Interpersonal Norms and Felt Obligations Toward Coworkers. S.E. Gutierres, C.M. Van Puymbroeck, Social Influence Factors in Euro-American and Mexican-American Women's Vulnerability to Misuse of Illicit Substances. Part II:Social Influence and Social Change Across Cultures. J. Reykowski, Overview and Commentary. A. Nowak, R.R. Vallacher, Societal Transition: Toward a Dynamical Model of Social Change. B. Wojciszke, The Consequences of Being an Influential Minority in the Context of Social Controversies in the Emerging Polish Democracy. E.W. Klinger, G. Bierbrauer, Acculturation and Conflict Regulation of Turkish Immigrants in Germany: A Social Influence Perspective. M. Kopp, Á. Skrabski, S. SzedmÁk, Socioeconomic Influences on Depression and Morbidity in the Hungarian Population in the Context of Postcommunist Modernization. M. Górnik-Durose, Mass-Mediated Influences on Patterns of Consumption in Polish Youth. Part III:Culture and Moral Perspective in the Social Influence Process. J. Reykowski, Overview and Commentary. D. Dolinski, M. Kofta, Stay Tuned: The Role of the Break in the Message on Attribution of Culpability. A.R. Pratkanis, Propaganda and Deliberative Persuasion: The Implications of Americanized Mass Media for Established and Emerging Democracies. M. Snyder, A.M. Omoto, Basic Research and Practical Problems: Volunteerism and the Psychology of Individual and Collective Action. R.K. Ohme, Social Influence in Media: Culture and Antismoking Advertising. M.J. Cody, J.S. Seiter, Compliance Principles in Retail Sales in the United States.

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"...it must be stressed, that the authors of all presented studies took a great care clarifying the methodology in addition to the compact, conscientious, theoretical introduction. All researchers are unified by form, give a detailed, precise study and propose further possible applications of the presented models or techniques at the end of each chapter with a full list of references....The book is the source of the most genuine knowledge on the subject, and it is suitable for these readers requiring a thorough study."
Polish Psychological Bulletin