1st Edition

The Preparation of Dispersions in Liquids

By H.N. Stein Copyright 1995

    This work details the preparation of dispersions in liquids. It sets out to bridge the gap in information for the chemist who is not applications oriented and the chemical engineer who needs to solve problems in the field based on theoretical methods of dispersions of solids, liquids and gases. Insights are provided into many topics, including the transportation and handling of finely divided soils or highly viscous liquids; the reactions between reactants dissolved in immiscible phases; the formation of porous materials; and filtration.

    Basic notions of colloid science; preparation of dispersions of a solid in a liquid; preparation of liquid/liquid dispersions; foams.


    H.N. Stein

    ". . .a comprehensive collection of traditional and new methods of preparing dispersion of solids, liquids or gases in other liquids. All methods are explained on the basis of their physiocochemical background by selected examples. . .. . . .The book will be. . .useful for students, scientists and engineers, who will be encouraged by its contents to carry out their own experiments. "
    ---Tenside Surfactants and Detergents
    ". . .this book is particularly suited to advanced researchers and engineers who need a better understanding of the processes and reactions involved in dispersion. . ..highly recommended. "
    ---Adhesives & Sealants Newsletter