2nd Edition

The Presidential Election Game

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ISBN 9781568813486
Published November 30, 2007 by A K Peters/CRC Press
224 Pages

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Book Description

The Presidential Election Game may change the way you think about presidential elections and, for that matter, American politics in general. It is not filled with statistics about the voting behavior of citizens, nor does it give detailed histories of past campaigns. Rather, it is an analytic treatment of strategy in the race for the presidency, from the primaries to the general election. Using modern game theory and decision theory, Brams demonstrates why certain campaign strategies are more effective than others and supports his analysis with historical evidence.


" writing is crisp, and the insights are prodigious. In short, the reading is rewarding.

An important and original book which will be essential reading for any serious student of presidential elections in the United States.

This book uniquely serves to introduce non-specialists to ideas that will improve their understanding of American presidential politics and, if heeded, improve the system as well.

-July 2007
""Verstoerend bleibt nur, dass dieses - in der Tat sehr einaeugige - Modell den amerikanischen Praesidentschaftswahlkampf ziemlich vollstaendig zu beschreiben scheint."" The only disturbing aspect is that this - admittedly uncomplex - model of the American election campaign completely describes it. -Spektrum der Wissenschaft, March 2008
""Brams ... describes how better insights into decision making could inform the reform of U.S. election procedures in ways that might increase voter turnout, ""reinforce the legitimacy of election outcomes,"" and help centrist candidates without denying voters a chance to vote for those with more extreme views."" -Science News , March 2008
The Presidential Election Game may change the way you think about presidential elections and, for that matter, American politics in general. ... Brams adds a new dimension to the study of this important aspect of American politics . . . [and helps] readers make sense of the complexities of today's political campaigns. -L'Enseignement Mathematique, August 2008
""I believe that this book is not only excellent … but that it is more universal than its title suggests. I strongly recommend it to scholars interested in applications of game theory to politics and even to laymen who are not frightened by some elementary mathematics."" -Mathematiacl Reviews, October 2008
""Each chapter of The Presidential Election Game takes an aspect of presidential elections and constructs a mathematical model which one can use to explore the topic at hand. All of the models discussed are relatively elementary from both a mathematical and political point of view, and while one could quibble with many of the overly simplistic assumptions which go into the model, it is exactly this lack of subtlety and sophistication which makes the book extremely accessible to a wide audience. Reading this book, one could easily imagine it being used in courses in mathematics departments as well as in political science departments, as well as being a book one could pick up for either leisure reading or as an introduction to more serious pursuits."" -Darren Glass, MAA Reviews, February 2008"