1st Edition

The Princess's Novelettes, Complete Story, 1886 - 1888 (6-vol. EP set)

Edited By Ariko Kawabata
    2550 Pages
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    The Princess's Novelettes was a successful Victorian ‘penny’ magazine aiming at the market of mainly working class young women. The weekly was launched by Edwin J. Brett, known as publisher and editor of the popular magazine The Boys of England. Each issue featured one short novel as well as a small column on gossips of royals and/or celebrities and included many illustrations and plates. Most of the novels are by unknown authors and contain sensational stories of romance or mystery. The title The Princess's Novelettes appears in various primary sources of history of Victorian women. It was believed to be circulated widely, not only in London, but also in regional towns and even parts of rural England. However, despite its importance, the number of academic libraries holding the original volumes of the periodical is extremely limited. This is the first time that the early volumes (1-6) in complete issues have become available.

    Providing easy access to primary materials on working class society of the Victorian period, which, compared to the rich historical source material available on the middle classes, can often be hard to locate, this facsimile reprint is particularly vital for any scholars in the field of Women’s history and literature of 19th century England.

    Vol. 1: March 9, 1886 - August 31, 1886 (Vol. I # 1-26, incl. A Summer Number), 432 pp.

    Vol. 2: September 7, 1886 - February 22, 1887 (Vol. II # 27-51, incl. A Christmas Number), 416 pp.

    Vol. 3: March 1, 1887 - August 9, 1887 (Vol. III # 52-75, incl. A Summer Number), 416 pp.

    Vol. 4: August 16, 1887 - January 31, 1888 (Vol. IV # 76-100, incl. A Christmas Number), 416 pp.

    Vol. 5: February 7 - July 24, 1888 (Vol. V # 101-125, incl. A Summer Number), 416 pp.

    Vol. 6: July 31, 1888 - January 22, 1889 (Vol. VI # 126 – 151, incl. A Christmas Number), 432 pp.