1st Edition

The Private Eye School More One-Hour Mysteries (Grades 4-8)

By Mary Ann Carr Copyright 2008
    114 Pages
    by Routledge

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    In this companion to her best-selling books , Carr presents five exciting new mysteries for student detectives to tackle. Students will sharpen their sleuthing skills after completing the course designed for great detectives at the Private Eye School, before moving on to tackle mysteries such as “The Vandal Strikes” and “The Great Electric Train Robbery.”

    Along the way, students will learn to analyze bloodstains and lip prints, while decoding messages and solving challenging puzzles. Each of these mysteries requires students to think outside of the box, organize data, take notes, make inferences, and use deductive reasoning skills. The mysteries include a teacher's guide and attractive reproducible pages for students to use in their investigations.

    The Private Eye School also provides directions for creating a classroom learning center, in which students write their own mysteries, create logic puzzles, and sketch crime scenes.

    Grades 4-8

    The Private Eye School and an introduction to The Robbery at the Groaning Board Restaurant The Robbery at the Groaning Board Restaurant The Great Electric Train Robbery The Pizza Delivery Joke Mystery Stealing the Spotlight A Vandal Strikes The Mystery Learning Center About the Author Common Core State Standards Alignment


    Mary Ann Carr began writing mysteries for kids to solve while teaching gifted students. She has taught grades 1-7, working with gifted children as a gifted and talented education resource teacher for 14 years. She currently teaches in The College of William and Mary's summer enrichment program. Carr recently retired as a resource teacher and lives on the Chesapeake Bay in a rural county in Virginia.