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    A fully updated edition of the classic text on the knee, The Problem Knee, Third Edition is highly illustrated in colour and offers a fundamental approach to dealing with soft-tissue and skeletal disorders of the knee. The book focuses on younger patients, rather than degenerative conditions, covering both injuries and congenital abnormalites.

    The crucial skills of accurate history-taking, clinical examination, investigation and modern surgical management are the focus throughout. From this framework, the latest techniques in imaging and arthroscopic procedures, rehabilitation methods and ligament reconstruction are discussed, plus indications for techniques such as meniscal suturing and osteochondral grafting.

    • A logical, systematic approach
    • Clear line drawings to illustrate examination methods
    • Scans and x-rays to help you identify injuries and problems
    • Over 500 references

    The Mechanism and Presentation of Injuries to the Knee
    Methods of Clinical Examination
    Pediatric Conditions
    Ligamentous Injuries
    Meniscal Lesions
    Patellofemoral Problems
    Fractures around the Knee
    Non-Traumatic Conditions
    Treatment of Soft Tissue Injuries


    Malcolm F Macnicol MBChB, BSc(Hons), FRCS, MCh, FRCS Ed (Orth), FRCP, Dip Sports Med
    Formerly Senior Orthopaedic Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh, and Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at the Royal Hospital of Sick Children and Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, UK

    Franky Steenbrugge MD, PhD, MchOrth, FRCS Ed is Professor in Orthopaedics, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, Ghent University Hospital, University of Ghent, Belgium

    "This excellent book is written by two very experienced orthopaedic surgeons - Malcolm Macnicol and Franky Steenbrugge - but aimed at non-surgeon clinicians who are more likely to be the first point of contact for the younger patient with a knee problem. ... The authors explain the common mechanisms of knee injury, and the symptoms with which the patient is likely to present. ... This is a wonderful book to give a clinician a thorough taste and feel of the range of primary disorders of the knee with which the younger patient might present to them. It deliberately omits secondary problems and disorders common to the older patient, but this is made clear from the title of the book."
    —Dr. Sheila Strover, book review appearing on www.kneeguru.co.uk, February 18, 2015