1st Edition

The Processing of Information and Structure

By W. R. Garner Copyright 1975
    220 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    First published in 1974. This book uses the basic idea of information as number of alternatives, and the concept of redundancy, but little else from formal information theory. It is a collection of eight lectures.

    Chapter 1 Stimulus Sets, Subsets, and Pattern Goodness; Chapter 2 Pattern Goodness in Information Processing; Chapter 3 The Perception and Learning of Temporal Patterns; Chapter 4 Learning of Dimensional and Correlational Structure of Stimuli; Chapter 5 Dimensional and Similarity Structure in Classification; Chapter 6 Dimensional Integrality and Information Processing; Chapter 7 Information Integration with Separable Dimensions; Chapter 8 Some Pervasive Principles;


    Wendell .R. Garner, Yale University