1st Edition

The Programme and Portfolio Workout Directing Business-Led Programmes and Portfolios

By Robert Buttrick Copyright 2020
    672 Pages
    by Routledge

    672 Pages
    by Routledge

    Implementing change is needed in every business. But how do you get started and ensure you actually realize the benefits you need? How do you direct and manage the tens, hundreds, or even thousands, of projects and the other pieces of work your business is undertaking? How do you make sure everyone is working towards the same goals? Building on five previous editions of The Project Workout, this book focusses on programme and portfolio management. It is a valuable companion for every business executive and programme manager as well as a comprehensive resource for students of business, portfolio and programme management.

    The Programme and Portfolio Workout provides practical advice and techniques to direct and manage your business in a structured, yet agile, way. Aimed at both business and programme managers, it takes you through different approaches to portfolio, programme and project management and shows you how they can work together. The practical approach is enhanced throughout with a series of ‘Workouts’: exercises, techniques and checklists to help you put the book’s advice into practice. The Workouts are supported by an on-line resource of tools.

    This expanded edition contains a wealth of new material on the governance and management of portfolio and programmes, including how to work with standards and methods, such as GovS 002, ISO 21504, BS6079 and MSP. The companion to this book, The Project Workout, deals with directing and managing individual projects. It uses the same concepts and approaches so that you know, when directing your portfolio or programme, that your project sponsors and managers are taking the same approach. Together, these books give you what you need to ensure your organization succeeds.

    Part 1: Challenges to Be Faced

    1. Challenges We Need to Face

    2. Advice the Best Organisations Give Us

    3. Portfolios, Programmes and Projects

    4. Governance

    5. Sponsorship

    Part 2: The Essence of Project Management

    6. Project Management in Context

    7. Who Does What in a Project: Roles

    8. The Project Framework

    9. Applying the Project Framework

    10. Directing and Managing a Project: A Process Based Approach

    Part 3: Portfolio Management - Dealing with Many Projects and Beyond

    11. Business Portfolios

    12. Defining Your Business Portfolio

    13. There Are Too Many Projects to Do!

    14. Do I Have the Resources?

    15. Selecting Techniques

    16. Directing and Reviewing Business Portfolios: A Process Based Approach

    Part 4: Programme Management

    17. Programme Management

    18. Programme Roles and Accountabilities

    19. Organising Your Programme

    20. Directing and Managing a Programme: A Process Based Approach

    Part 5: Supporting Portfolio and Programme Management

    21. Why We Do It: Benefits

    22. Planning, Monitoring and Control

    23. Risks, Issues, Change Control and Information

    24. Developing a Quality Solution

    25. How Do We Cope with All That Change?

    26. Sorting Out All Those Contracts

    Part 6: Implementing the Framework

    27. An Environment for Managing Your Portfolios, Programmes and Projects

    28. Tools and Systems

    29. Standards and Methods – Do They Matter?

    30. Putting it into Practice


    Robert Buttrick has an impressive track record of introducing and practising programme and portfolio management in major organizations. He is a contributor to management methods, best practice, government and international standards. He is a consultant and Visiting Teaching Fellow at the University of Warwick.

    "I know no one with Robert’s encyclopaedic knowledge and experience of project and programme management. This fantastic book is an invaluable companion for anyone working with projects and programmes." - Phillip Stanton, Partner at Firewood Ltd and PRINCE2 author, UK

    "A must-read book to provide business and programme managers, who pursue the success of their organization, with practical ’workouts’ that seek to ensure that everyone in their organization works towards the same strategic goals. A perfect companion for Robert's very successful book, The Project Workout." - Juan Verástegui M, CESEL Ingenieros - Management System and Project Control Manager, Perú

    "Robert never fails to cut through the fog of theories, presenting wisdom and guidance in all matters P3M, and all based on knowledge and experience gained the hard way - out there doing the job! He is the author of the most readable and digestible books on these subjects." - Jayne Redfern, Associate Professor, University of Warwick, UK

    "Robert Buttrick's book, The Programme and Portfolio Workout is an excellent guide and reference for those engaged in managing projects, programmes, and portfolios. Robert's insights into this critical topic come from his long history of working in this field and his extended support of developing standards on the management of projects, programmes, and portfolios. This is a must-read for those engaged in this field." - Dave Violette, MPM, PMP retired, Former Program Manager for Supplier Automation, Duke Energy Corporation, USA

    "Robert Buttrick is the most inspirational project manager that I have ever worked with. His decades of experience shine through in the simple, clear and practical language of his books." - Marion Thomas, Extraordinary Project Management, UK

    "Selecting the method or approach to apply to your project is rarely as simple as selecting on or off on a switch. More often, a rheostat is needed to dial in the appropriate mix needed to realize the benefits for your business. Robert's work provides the practitioner with the broad understanding of today’s globally recognized standards, methods, and approaches needed to dial up success." - Charles J. Lesko, Jr. Ph.D., Professor, East Carolina University, USA

    "With this new distinctive intelligent product, The Programme and Portfolio Workout, Robert brilliantly provides the two subjects to complement The Project Workout. Together, these books form a complete operational picture for every professional involved in project management." - Babissakana, PMP, PMO-CP, President of the Pan-African Project Management Conference, Former Chair of Technical Development Group (TDG) of ISO/TC 258 Project, Programme and Portfolio Management, Republic of Cameroon

    "Robert and I worked together on a series of transformation initiatives for a portfolio of major programmes across BT Global Services which resulted in the accreditation of these programmes at CMMI Capability Level 3 - the first achieved within BT. In this book Robert shares with you the lessons he learned on this and other transformation journeys" - Stephen Woods, Founder, PMO ELITE Network, UK

    "I have greatly benefitted from Robert’s work. He is a leader in the world of project and programme management and a real authority on creating and running project-based frameworks for managing change. I welcome the publication of The Programme and Portfolio Workout to sit alongside the companion volume, The Project Workout, to build on the range of practical advice and techniques available to ensure your organization succeeds." - David Byrne, Knowledge Management Consultant and Artist (Ad Hoc Art), Ex- Senior Business Support Manager BT, UK

    "Robert is a thought leader in the true sense when it comes to project, programme and portfolio management. His experience, knowledge and ability of creating best practices, while also being pedagogical, makes his writings, lectures and discussions easy to digest and apply." - Klas Skogmar, Management Consultant within PPP, - Sweden

    "If you really want to understand programmes and portfolios this is the book!! it is practical in approach; easy to understand and read, and makes application that much easier. Really enjoyed it and would recommend to any potential project/programme manager." - Anonymous, Programme Manager with 30 plus years experience, UK

    "Following The Project Workout (4th), one of the most assertive books on today project management, Robert Bruttick has endevoured to provide the 5th edition of its outstanding companion – The Programme and Portfolio Workout - filling the need of an authoritative, updated and complete guide to other "Ps" of the discipline. As organisations have to tackle more than a dozen projects or a few major programmes, they likely require to mature their capabilities in Directing and managing portfolios and programmes, as the book’s subtitle reminds. In fact, what this book does is put together the wider, business led, rather technology led, view of managing organizations, introducing ‘business agility’ by harnessing portfolio and programme management as delivery vehicles. It treats portfolios, programme, projects and other work as an integrated whole, rather than separate and disconnected elements of an organization. The book structure helps the reader follow the consolidated workflow for developing the PPP capability of any organisation, in six entertaining parts which develop: the challenges to be faced, essence of project management, portfolio and programme management and their supporting methods, finally implementing the framework. Sure, it’s a must reference for practitioners, university students and all stakeholders (governance, sponsors, project, PMO, functional managers and others) who wish to become very fluent or improve their abilities in project management." - Pier Luigi Guida, PMP, PgMP, PRINCE2, author, consultant, editor in chief at "il Project Manager", chairman of the Italian Standardization Institute Committee for Project Management.

    “If you truly understand your topic you can explain it in terms that anyone can understand. The Project Workout has demonstrated Robert’s deep knowledge and ability to put #ptojects’ in terms that will support any practitioner, no matter what your experience level. The Programme and Portfolio Workout is a fabulous extension on the foundations laid by The Project Workout and a truly invaluable resource for all practitioners.” - Jo-Anne Harrison, Chair, Standards Australia Mirror Committee – Project, Programme and Portfolio Management.