1st Edition

The Project Management Scorecard

ISBN 9780750674492
Published July 21, 2011 by Routledge
376 Pages

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Book Description

Return on Investment (ROI) remains one of the most challenging and intriguing issues facing human resource development and performance improvement professionals. Drawing on their expertise in developing and implementing ROI programs in human performance and training, Jack J. Phillips, Ph.D., Timothy W. Bothell and G. Lynn Snead demonstrate how you can effectively apply ROI to project management.

Today, almost every industry requires employees to manage multiple projects with competing priorities, critical deadlines, and unexpected interruptions—rendering everyone a project manager in some respect. Most employees feel the pressure of juggling any number of key projects simultaneously. Organizations have responded by investing large amounts of both time and money to improve project management, and most strive to justify the efforts and resources dedicated to improving this goal.

'The Project Management Scorecard' is a welcome relief for anyone managing a project or multiple projects, as well as the trainers, human resource development staff, or supervisors charged with measuring, evaluating, and managing project managers.

Project Management is one of the hottest topics in business management today, affecting nearly every individual in any organization across the globe. Let three HRD experts show you how to apply the hugely popular ROI process to the key organizational issue of successful project management including:

* Project management issues and challenges
* Measuring reaction and satisfaction
* How to calculate and interpret ROI
* Capturing business impact data
* Measuring skill and knowledge changes during the project
* Monitoring the true costs of the project solution
* Converting business measure to monetary values
* Forecasting ROI

The authors' step-by-step approach allows you to begin the ROI process immediately. Start measuring the success of your project management results today.

Table of Contents

Setting the Stage; Project Management Issues and Challenges; The Project Management Process; Project Management Solutions; The Project Management Scorecard; How to Measure Reaction and Satisfaction; How to Measure Skill and Knowledge Changes During the Project; How to Measure Implementation, Application, and Progress; How to Capture Business Impact Data; How to Calculate and Interpret ROI; Identifying Intangible Measures of a Project Management Solution; Monitoring the True Costs of the Project Solution; How to Isolate the Effects of the Project Management Solutions; How to Convert Business Measures to Monetary Values; Forecasting ROI: How to Build a Business Case for the Project Management Solution; How to Provide Feedback and Communicate Results to the Client; Overcoming Resistance and Barriers to the Project Management Scorecard.

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"Project Management continues to be a critical function in organizations. Almost any new product, service, system, or technology must be introduced and implemented through a formal project management process. Until now, there has been no book that focuses on how to measure the success of project management solutions. With this new publication, Jack, Tim and Lynne provide the answers to critical questions about project management measurement. Using six types of data, including the actual ROI, this book simplifies the measurement process and provides credible data needed for the senior management team. It should be a valuable reference for every project manager." - Dr. Stephen R. Covey, author, 'The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People'

"'The Project Management Scorecard' is a valuable tool to support project success. With these tools we can improve management of the triple constraints and stakeholder needs during the project, and the project's long term business impact." - Nancy Foltz, Administrator, Learning and Development Division, Michigan Department of Transportation

"'The Project Management Scorecard' is a book that is long overdue. The authors have provided an easy method of setting up and measuring the success of projects. The methodology provided by the authors is presented in a sequence of events that can and should be applied by everyone that is considering managing a project. They have taken a process that can be very confusing and onerous and have presented it in a simplified manner." - Sam Morales, Chief Information Officer, Vice President of IT, Alaska Communications Systems