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The Psychoanalysis and Popular Culture Series

About the Series

This series builds on the work done since 2009 by the Media and the Inner World research network. It aims to consider the relationship between psychoanalysis and popular culture as a lived experience that is ever more emotionalised in the contemporary age. In contrast to many scholarly applications of psychoanalysis, works in this series set out to explore the creative tensions of thinking about cultural experience and its processes whilst also paying attention to observations from both the clinical and scholarly fields. What can academic applications of psychoanalysis learn from the clinical perspective and how might the critical insights afforded by scholarly work cast new light on clinical experience? The series provides space for a dialogue between these different groups with a view to evoking new perspectives on the values and pitfalls of a psychoanalytic approach to ideas of selfhood, society, politics, and popular culture. In particular, the series strives to develop a psycho-cultural approach by foregrounding the usefulness of a post-Freudian, object relations perspective for examining the importance of emotional relationships and experience. We nevertheless welcome proposals from all fields of psychoanalytic enquiry. The series is edited by Caroline Bainbridge and Candida Yates, with Brett Kahr as the Consulting Editor.

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Post-traumatic Attachments to the Eerily Moving Image Something to Watch Over Me

Post-traumatic Attachments to the Eerily Moving Image: Something to Watch Over Me

1st Edition


By Andrew Asibong
September 30, 2021

This book explores how experiences of traumatic isolation and neglect – in childhood and in adulthood, and at both the family and the state level – may create a desire in us to be parented by certain kinds of screen media that we unconsciously believe may be "watching over" us when nothing else ...

The Culture-Breast in Psychoanalysis Cultural Experiences and the Clinic

The Culture-Breast in Psychoanalysis: Cultural Experiences and the Clinic

1st Edition

By Noreen Giffney
April 26, 2021

We are fed at the breast of culture, not wholly but to differing degrees. The Culture-Breast in Psychoanalysis: Cultural Experiences and the Clinic focuses on the formative influence of cultural objects in our lives, and the contribution such experiences make to our mental health and overall ...

What Holds Us Together Popular Culture and Social Cohesion

What Holds Us Together: Popular Culture and Social Cohesion

1st Edition

By Barry Richards
November 23, 2017

Faced by the increasing divisiveness and volatility of electoral politics, and the rise of illiberal fundamentalisms, the social sciences may seem to lack the imagination necessary to make sense of the world. In this unusual book of political psychology, based on the idea that we hold ourselves ...

The Inner World of Doctor Who Psychoanalytic Reflections in Time and Space

The Inner World of Doctor Who: Psychoanalytic Reflections in Time and Space

1st Edition

By Iain MacRury, Michael Rustin
November 07, 2013

As Doctor Who approaches its fiftieth anniversary recent series have taken the show to new heights in terms of popular appeal and critical acclaim.The Doctor and his TARDIS-driven adventures, along with companions and iconic monsters, are now recognised and enjoyed globally. The time is ripe for a ...

Television and Psychoanalysis Psycho-Cultural Perspectives

Television and Psychoanalysis: Psycho-Cultural Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Caroline Bainbridge, Ivan Ward, Candida Yates
November 29, 2013

Despite the prominence of television in our everyday lives, psychoanalytic approaches to its significance and function are notoriously few and far between. This volume takes up perspectives from object relations theory and other psychoanalytic approaches to ask questions about the role of ...

The Psychodynamics of Social Networking Connected-up Instantaneous Culture and the Self

The Psychodynamics of Social Networking: Connected-up Instantaneous Culture and the Self

1st Edition

By Dr. Aaron Balick
September 18, 2013

Over the past decade, the very nature of the way we relate to each other has been utterly transformed by online social networking and the mobile technologies that enable unfettered access to it. Our very selves have been extended into the digital world in ways previously unimagined, offering us ...

Stop Making Sense Music from the Perspective of the Real

Stop Making Sense: Music from the Perspective of the Real

1st Edition

By Scott Wilson
April 13, 2015

This book offers a new theory of music as a form of social bond analogous to language as it is understood according to the Lacanian orientation in psychoanalysis. It presents contemporary examples that look at how music has become both a powerful locus of discontent and a form of orientation....

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