1st Edition

The Psychoanalyst and the Child From the Consultation to Psychoanalytic Treatment

By Michel Ody Copyright 2019
    246 Pages
    by Routledge

    246 Pages
    by Routledge

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    The Psychoanalyst and the Child explores the unique nature of psychoanalytic work with children. This book is based on more than 30 years of practice and reflection within the framework of the Alfred Binet Centre in Paris, France. The very great diversity of situations encountered at the Centre brings the issue of therapeutic indications to the forefront.

    Michel Ody focuses on the diversification of fifteen clinical situations and their theorization, ranging from basic consultation to psychoanalytic treatment. With this framework as his starting-point, he looks at the common features between the therapeutic consultation – a consultation that becomes therapeutic – and the analytic treatment, as well as what differentiates them. This implies examining, at the technical level, the different forms of interventions and interpretations presented as well as their metapsychological articulation. Ody draws on decades of clinical expertise to set out not just the basic considerations and problems typically encountered in work with this patient group, but clear guidelines for methodology and technique.

    Psychoanalysis can be an intellectual process, dependent on the ability of the patient to express themselves verbally, which can make working clinically with children challenging. The Psychoanalyst and the Child seeks to help psychoanalysts through the most challenging of clinical treatments with this patient group.

    SERIES EDITOR FOREWORD Gabriela Legorreta GENERAL INTRODUCTION PART I: THE THERAPEUTIC CONSULTATION CHAPTER ONE: Psychoanalytic work with children: basic considerations CHAPTER TWO: Clinical analysis of the movements in psychic life PART II: METHODOLOGY AND TECHNIQUE CHAPTER THREE: Movements and settings in the therapeutic space CHAPTER FOUR: The work of interpretation CHAPTER FIVE: Concerning the limits of "analysing everything" and the end of the treatment CONCLUSION; ADDENDUM


    Michel Ody is a psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and honorary training member of the Société Psychanalytique de Paris, France. He was a member of the Management Committee of the SPP Training Institute for twelve years and Chair of the SPP Scientific and Technical Committee for five years. Since 1975 he has gradually taken responsibility for a multidisciplinary team at the Alfred Binet Centre. He is the author of two books and more than 100 psychoanalytic articles in French and was awarded the Maurice Bouvet Prize in 1988.

    "This is the clearest and most complete account of clinical and theoretical child psychoanalysis that I have ever read. Michel Ody, a very experienced child psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, who has grappled throughout his long career with a large range of situations with children and parents in a public sector "district practice", shows us with great independence of mind how it is possible to refer to psychoanalytic practice and theory without copying or imitating."-Gérard Lucas, "psychiatre des Hopitaux", Former Child Psychiatry consultant, Paris Centre Alfred Binet, France

    "This book is crucial for all colleagues dealing with children. This is a challenging book, as the author confronts us with different clinical situations but also with his theoretical developments deeply rooted in Freudian metapsychology. The book explores the nature of psychoanalytic work with a child from a basic consultation to psychoanalytical treatment. What is original and new is the way Michel Ody shows the continuity of this adventure. He relates his experience of 35 years as a child psychiatric consultant and a psychoanalyst directing a team in the public French health system. Ody shows us complex clinical situations and the way he thinks both clinically but always referring to theories. He looks at the common features between the "therapeutic consultation" – a consultation that will become therapeutic – and the analytic treatment studying the levels of interventions and interpretations and their aim as their metapsychological articulation."-Marilia Aisenstein, Training Analyst of the Hellenic Psychoanalytical Society; former president, Paris Society