1st Edition

The Psychoanalytic Method

By Pfister, Oskar Copyright 1917
    622 Pages
    by Routledge

    616 Pages
    by Routledge

    This is Volume XXII of twenty-eight on a series on Psychoanalysis. First published in 1935, this study looks the Psychoanalytic method with an introduction by Sigmund Freud.

    I: Definition And History Of Psychoanalysis; I: The Theory Of Psychoanalysis; II: The Psychoanalytic Conception Of An Unconscious; 1: Repression And Fixation; III: The Unconscious As Product Of Repression And As Entity Free From Repression; IV: The Individual Repressed Material; V: The Repressing Force; VI: The Infantile Roots Of The Repression In Detail; VII: The Repression Process; VIII: The General Conditions; 2: The Retrogressions Of The Repression, Fixation And Repulsion (The Manifestations); IX: The Physical Manifestations; X: The Most Important Psychic Paths; XI: The Content Of The Manifestations; XII: The Forms Of The Manifestations; XIII: The Meaning Of The Manifestations; II: The Technique Of Psychoanalysis; 3: The Methods; XIV: The Fundamental Rule Of Psychoanalysis And Its Application; XV: Supplementary Methods; 4: The Effects Of The Psychoanalytic Probing; XVI: The Abreaction; XVII: Compensation, Recasting Of The Complex And Transference; XVIII: Rendering Life-Problems Conscious And Comprehending Them By The Aid Of Analysis; 5: The Course Of The Psychoanalytic Treatment; XIX: The Beginning Of The Analytic Educational Work With Especial Regard To The Over Coming Of The Resistance; XX: The Material Of The Treatment And Its Analytic Handlin; XXI: The Duration And Conclusion Of The Psychoanalysis; 6: The Prerequisites Of The Psychoanalysis; XXII: The Prerequisites In The Analyst; XXIII: The Prerequisites In The Subject Of Analysis; 7: The Practice Of Pedanalysis; XXIV: Learning Pedanalysis; XXV: The Domain Of The Pedanalysis; II: Conclusion: The Results Of Psychoanalysis; XXVI: The Practical Benefits; XXVII: The Results For Pedagogy


    Oskar Pfister