1st Edition

The Psychoanalytic Study of Society, V. 14 Essays in Honor of Paul Parin

Edited By L. Bryce Boyer, Simon A. Grolnick Copyright 1989
    342 Pages
    by Routledge

    341 Pages
    by Routledge

    Volume 14 includes chapters on the psychoanalysis of political commitment (P. Parin); Jews and homosexuals as strangers (P. Parin); the analogous tasks of the psychoanalyst and the ethnographer (M. Gehrie); cultic elements in early Christianity (W. Meissner); Jewish apocalyptists (D. Merkur); creationist resistance to evolution (R. Graber & L. McWhorter); sacred objects and transitional phenomena in aboriginal Central Australia; and a review of the contributions of Paul Parin (D. Freeman).

    1. Freedom and Independence: On the Psychoanalysis of Political Commitment, Parin  2. The Mark of Oppression: Jews and Homosexuals, Parin  3. Psychoanalytic Anthropology: The Analogous Tasks of the Psychoanalyst and the Ethnographer, Gehrie  4. The Theoretical Importance of Pseudo-Procreative Symbolism, Shapiro  5. Cultic Elements in Early Christianity: Antioch and Jerusalem, Meissner  6. The Visionary Practices of Jewish Apocalyptists, Merkur  7. Incest and Parricide on the Throne of Judah? Falk  8. Creationist Resistance to Evolution: The Patriarchal Unconscious as the Key, Graber, McWhorter  9. Mama, Papa, and the Space Between: Children, Sacred Objects, and Transitional Phenomena in Aboriginal Central Australia, Morton  10. Cinderella and the Saint: The Life Story of a Jewish Moroccan Female Healer in Israel, Bilu, Hasan-Rokem  11. The False Face: Observations on the Reaction to Maskers and Strangers, Muensterberger  12. Contributions of Crosscultural Studies to Clinical Theory and Practice: The Work of Paul Parin, Freeman


    L. Bryce Boyer, Simon A. Grolnick