1st Edition

The Psychology of Binge Watching TV

By Barrie Gunter Copyright 2025
    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    214 Pages
    by Routledge

    This fascinating work provides an up-to-date examination of shifts in the nature and impact of TV and video watching that has largely been driven by non-linear TV and video services online.

    The book reviews research evidence from around the world about the physical and behavioural shift of viewing away from linear and towards non-linear TV and video services. It studies the psychological factors that underpin and drive this shift, and the nature of binge-watching behaviour on people’s physical and psychological health and social relationships. Along the way, it differentiates between “binge-watching” and “heavy-viewing” and considers binge-watching as a distinctive form of TV/video use that has its own reasons of occurrence and impacts.

    The Psychology of Binge TV Watching is aimed principally at students and academics interested in Psychology, Media, Mental Health, and other related disciplines. It will also interest any readers looking to understand more about the psychology behind binge watching and the potentially positive and negative effects upon audiences.

    01: What is TV Binge-Watching?
    02: How Much Binge-Watching Goes On?
    03: Do Some People Binge-Watch More Than Others?
    04: Why Do People Binge-Watch? A Motivational Perspective
    05. What is the Psychology Behind Binge-Watching? Personality Traits and Processes
    06: Does Binge-Watching Damage Psychological Well-Being?
    07: Is Binge-Watching Bad for Physical Well-Being?
    08: Does Binge-Watching Benefit Viewers and Their Relationships?
    09: What Conclusions Can Be Reached about Binge-Watching?


    Barrie Gunter is Emeritus Professor in Media at the University of Leicester. He is the author/editor of more than 80 books on media, marketing, management, and psychology topics and has specialised in the study of television audiences within the academic world and broadcasting industry.