1st Edition

The Psychology of Effective Speaking

By T. H. Pear Copyright 1933

    First published in 1933, The Psychology of Effective Speaking studies voice as an expression of personality. This book also criticises the education of its time, but not always destructively. It asks why, since people speak, they should not speak better. It suggests that if democracy is to succeed, rapid increase in the effectiveness of vocal communication is urgently necessary, and that this improvement begin in the lower classes of the schools. This book will be of interest to students of rhetoric, communication and psychology.

    Preface 1. The Psychological Problems of Speaking 2. Speaking as an Expression of Personality 3. Art-Forms in Speaking 4. Dare We Criticize Speaking? 5. Criteria of Effective Speaking 6. Getting the Message Over 7. Standard English 8. Effective Speaking in the Schools 9. Debates and Discussions 10. Lectures, Lecturers and Lecturing 11. On Humour in Public Speaking 12. Speaking and Clothing 13. Spoken Style and Written Style 14. The Beauty of Voices 15. Mr. A. J. Alan 16. A Novelist’s Views on Speaking Index


    T. H. Pear