1st Edition

The Psychology of Human-Computer Interaction

Edited By Stuart K. Card, Thomas P. Moran, Allen Newell Copyright 1983
    488 Pages
    by CRC Press

    488 Pages
    by CRC Press

    This book aims to help lay a scientific foundation for an applied psychology concerned with the human users of interactive computer systems. It presents the results of some of the main strands of the Applied Information-Processing Psychology Project group's research.

    Contents: Preface. An Applied Information-Processing Psychology. Part I: Science Base. The Human Information-Processor. Part II: Text-Editing. System and User Variability. An Exercise in Task Analysis. The GOMS Model of Manuscript Editing. Extensions of the GOMS Analysis. Models of Devices for Text Selection. Part III: Engineering Models. The Keystroke-Level Model. The Unit-Task Level of Analysis. Part IV: Extensions and Generalizations. An Exploration into Circuit Design. Cognitive Skill. Applying Psychology to Design Reprise.


    Stuart K. Card

    "...highly recommended for its success in providing a cognitive model of user behavior which can be clearly translated into practical design tools. Furthermore, the fully comprehensive and easy to follow presentation will appeal to a wide range of audiences for whom the editors intend it."
    Applied Ergonomics

    "This is a book that is designed not just to be read but to be used -- through discussion, study, and prolonged reflection....[it] successfully explores several ways in which computer science, engineering, and psychology can be integrated into a single theory for human-computer interaction."