1st Edition

The Psychology of Interpersonal Trust Theory and Research

By Ken J. Rotenberg Copyright 2020
    180 Pages
    by Routledge

    180 Pages
    by Routledge

    Trust is a crucial facet of social functioning that feeds into our relationships with individuals, groups, and organizations. The Psychology of Interpersonal Trust: Theory and Research examines existing theories, frameworks, and models of trust as well as the methods and designs for examining it. To fully examine how interpersonal trust impacts our lives, Rotenberg reviews the many essential topics trust relates to, including close relationships, trust games, behavioural trust, and trust development.

    Designed to encourage researchers to recognize the links between different approaches to trust, this book begins with an overview of the different approaches to interpersonal trust and a description of the methods used to investigate it. Following on from this, each chapter introduces a new subtopic or context, including lying, adjustment, socialization, social media, politics, and health. Each subtopic begins with a short monologue (to provide a personal perspective) and covers basic theory and research. Rotenberg’s applied focus demonstrates the relevance of interpersonal trust and highlights the issues and problems people face in contemporary society.

    This is essential reading for students, researchers, and academics in social psychology, especially those with a specific interest in the concept of trust.



    1. Approaches to the investigation of trust

    2. Designs, techniques, and methods in the investigation of trust

    3. Lying and deception

    4. Trust and adjustment

    5. Trust and development

    6. Trust and romantic relationships

    7. Trust and health

    8. Trust in the legal system

    9. Trust in the workplace

    10. Trust and politics

    11. Trust, group relations, and urban terrorism

    12. Trust and religious faith

    13. Trust and social media

    14. Building trust

    15. Frequently used scales to assess interpersonal trust scales (by alphabetic order of first author)



    Ken J. Rotenberg has been an active researcher for over 40 years in the field of psychology including the subdisciplines of social psychology, clinical psychology, educational psychology, and developmental psychology. The majority of his over 100 papers have examined interpersonal trust across the life span and trust within social, health, legal, and political contexts.