1st Edition

The Psychology of Lean Improvements
Why Organizations Must Overcome Resistance and Change the Culture

ISBN 9781439878798
Published April 9, 2012 by Productivity Press
182 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Fear of change—we all experience it. Some accept change immediately, some gradually adapt, while others may never get there. Whether it’s poor leadership, the inability to change, or pure ego, this Shingo Prize-winning book explores this perplexing commitment to inefficiency.

Winner of a 2013 Shingo Prize!

The Psychology of Lean Improvements: Why Organizations Must Overcome Resistance and Change the Culture examines the psychology behind why businesses avoid Lean transformations. It investigates why businesses cling to the eight deadly wastes and why they still find ways to place continuous improvement on the back burner.

Frequently sought out for his expertise in Lean manufacturing, Chris Ortiz has been featured in a number of trade publications and on the television show Inside Business with Fred Thompson. In this book, Mr. Ortiz breaks down the fear of change within executives and organizational leaders. He examines the psychology of dysfunction, provides insight into why so many businesses fall short in creating visions for growth and prosperity, and identifies tools that can help you address resistance to change.

Detailing implementation techniques with a proven track record for success, the book considers specific strategies that can be helpful towards improving your company and changing its culture—including cellular manufacturing, total productive maintenance, setup reduction, Kanban, visual communication, and in-line production. It explains how to get started on your Lean transformation, describes why an economic downturn might be a good time to embrace Lean, and warns of the dangers behind failing to do so.

Chris A. Ortiz is the founder and president of Kaizen Assembly, a Lean manufacturing training and implementation firm in Bellingham, Washington. Watch Chris has being interviewed on Inside Business with Fred Thompson on CNN Headline News.


Table of Contents


The Psychology of Change
Perception of Change
Letting Go
Lean Is a Battlefield
Changing Your Business Strategy for Lean
     Floor Space Use
     Throughput Time
Psychology of Metrics

Leading the Lean Journey
What Have We Done for Our Customers Today?
Dangers of Not Going Lean in a Down Economy
     Business Is Good, Why Improve?
     Business Is Good, We Must Improve
     Business Is Poor, Why Improve?
     Business Is Poor, We Must Improve
Changing into a Lean Leader
     Acknowledge and Involve Your Staff
     Provide an Environment in Which People Can Be Successful
     Do Not Humiliate Anyone Who Works for You
     Create an Environment Where Mistakes Are Okay
     Do Not Hide behind Your Position
     Be Approachable
     Admit Your Mistakes
     Listen in a Way That Encourages Employees to Talk to You
     Be Clear in Your Requests
     Stand behind Your People
     Be a Good Communicator
Need an ROI
     Team Building
     People Development
     Strategic Planning
World-Class Products Need World-Class Processes
You Are the Creator of Your Business Reality

The Psychology of Waste
Psychology of Overproduction
Psychology of Overprocessing
Psychology of Motion and Transportation
Psychology of Inventory
Psychology of Defects
Psychology of Waiting
Psychology of Human Potential
     "I’m Paid by the Hour"
     No Investment in the People
     People Are Expendable
Psychology of Waste: Conclusion

The Psychology of Dysfunction
Misconception of Working Hard
Living with Waste
     Living with Overproduction
          Quality Problems
          Machines Issues
Living with Motion
Living with Transportation
Living with Overprocessing
     Administrative Functions
     Extra Steps and Redundant Effort
     Inefficient Machines
     Inability to Identify a Completion Point
Living with Defects
Living with Waiting
Living with Inventory
     Facility Space
     Production Process

Making Change Happen with 5S
5S and Visual Control
     Set in Order
          How to Make a Shadow Board
          Personal Tools: Dilemma or Solution?
          Tool Check Cards
          Right Sizing during Set in Order
          Examples of Right Sizing
     Human Will
     End of the Cleanup Procedures
     Daily Walkthroughs
     5S Audit
     5S Tracking
Psychology of 5S

Making Change with Lean
What Type of Manufacturer Are You?
     Process Based
     Assembly Line
     Cellular Manufacturing
     Inline Production
Cellular and Inline Production
Inline Production
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
     5S Maintenance
     Baseline Equipment and One-Turn Method
     Operator PM Requirements
          Proactive TPM
          Predictive TPM
     Maintenance Technician
     Visual TPM Boards
Kanban and Material Replenishment
Setup Reduction and Quick Changeover
     Tool Placement
     Visual Setup Boards
     Material Handling
     Intermediate Jigs
Visual Metrics and Performance
     Facility Performance
          On-Time Delivery (OTD)
Metric Communication Boards (Production)
Production Control Boards

Keeping the Lean Fire Going
Pay-for-Skill Program
     Number of Jobs
     Kaizen and Kaizen Event Participation
     Quality Errors
More Returns
Lean Training Programs
New Employee Training Programs
     Level 1: Company Product Overview Training
     Level 2: Quality Overview
     Level 3: Introduction to Lean Manufacturing
          Eight Wastes
          5S and the Visual Workplace
          Standard Work
          Available Time
     Level 4: Mock Line Training
Cross-Training Program
     Levels of Progression
          Novice (N)
          Certified (C)
          Trainer (T)
     Temporary Worker Progression
Training Managers and Engineers


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Chris A. Ortiz is the founder and president of Kaizen Assembly, a Lean manufacturing training and implementation firm in Bellingham, Washington. Chris has been featured on Inside Business (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMm3fVsbPtM) with Fred Thompson on CNN Headline News. He is the author of five books on Lean manufacturing, (see list below). Chris has been featured in dozens of publications including Assembly Magazine, Industrial Engineer, Industrial Management, Metal Finishes, Plant Engineer, Auto Body News, and Collision Repair Magazine to name a few.

Chris Ortiz is a frequent presenter and keynote speaker at conferences such as the IIE Annual Conference and the NACE Automotive Exposition. He has also been interviewed on KGMI radio, and has written numerous articles on Lean manufacturing and business improvement for various regional and national publications. Chris also was recently on the national radio show the American Innovator. He is invited to speak at a few international business and manufacturing conference in Europe every year.

Kaizen Assembly’s clients include industry leaders in aerospace, composites, processing industries, automotive, rope manufacturing, restoration equipment, food processing, and fish processing.

Mr. Ortiz has been trained by the John Costanza Institute of Technology in "Demand Flow Technology" and by the Georgia Institute of Technology for ISO 9001: 2000 Internal Quality Auditing. He is also a member of the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the Society of Manufacturing Engineers. He is the creator of the LEAN Marketplace (www.leanmarketplace.com). Chris Ortiz is considered to be an expert in the field in lean manufacturing implementation.

He is the author of:

  • Kaizen Assembly: Designing, Constructing, and Managing a Lean Assembly Line (Taylor and Francis, 2006). Now in its second print.
  • Lesson from a Lean Consultant: Avoiding Lean Implementation Failure on the Shop Floor (Prentice Hall, 2008)
  • Kaizen and Kaizen Event Implementation (Prentice Hall, 2009). Translated into Portuguese
  • Lean Auto Body (Kaizen Assembly, 2009)
  • Visual Controls: Applying Visual Management to the Factory (Taylor and Francis/Productivity Press, December 2010).