The Psychology of Men in Context  book cover
1st Edition

The Psychology of Men in Context

ISBN 9781138589346
Published September 12, 2019 by Routledge
262 Pages

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Book Description

What does it really mean to say that boys will be boys, men are from Mars, or that contemporary men are in crisis? Does modern psychology support or refute these notions? And how is psychological theory and research about boys and men used in society?

The Psychology of Men in Context is an essential introduction to the field which challenges readers to examine psychological research on men, masculinity, and gender, and consider its impact on daily life, through everyday speech, popular media, political rhetoric, and more.

The authors offer a range of lenses for studying masculinity, including biology, social learning, social constructionism, feminism, and intersectionality. Demonstrating how these frameworks can be used to understand research on pressing topics such as violence, health, and relationships, the book also considers masculinity in its broader philosophical and historical contexts, equipping readers with the tools needed to connect the psychology of men with other areas of social science. Exercises and prompts to help students relate the research to their own lives are included throughout.

Designed for students at undergraduate and graduate level, but suitable for anyone curious about understanding the field from a more critical social scientific perspective, The Psychology of Men in Context is a valuable introduction to the history, current scholarship, and social implications of the psychological study of men and masculinity.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction  2.  History of the Psychology of Men and Masculinities  3. Will men always be men?: Biological Perspectives  4. Teaching boys and men: Social Learning Perspectives  5. Making masculinities: Social Constructionist Perspectives  6. Power and privilege: Feminist Perspectives  7. Men and masculinity at the crossroads: Intersectional Perspectives  8. Relationships  9. Violence and Aggression  10. Mental and Physical Health  11. Philosophy of Science  12. Making Changes

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Michael E. Addis, PhD, is professor of psychology at Clark University. He has authored numerous scientific articles and books on a variety of topics related to men’s mental health and clinical psychology. Dr. Addis is a fellow of the American Psychological Association and past president of the Society for the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinities.

Ethan Hoffman, MA, is a doctoral student in clinical psychology at Clark University. He received undergraduate and master’s degrees from Wesleyan University. His research focuses on the social psychology of mental health beliefs, men’s rhetoric about depression, and the history of clinical and social psychology.


"With The Psychology of Men in Context, Addis and Hoffman provide a truly innovative contribution appropriate for scholars, clinicians, or anyone interested in the field.  This creative, accessible book allows readers to consume the latest research-informed conclusions in an easy to digest, real-world manner.  What I most appreciate is the rare combination of depth and scope in the topics covered, placing each within the context of pressing social concerns. The writing is engaging in a way that allows readers to use concepts from the scientific literature to generate their own insights and conclusions. It is this balanced, thoughtful, and engaging style that makes The Psychology of Men in Context an instant classic."

Aaron Rochlen, PhD, professor of counseling psychology and counselor education, Department of Educational Psychology, The University of Texas at Austin


"The Psychology of Men in Context is a highly readable, accessible text that brings a fresh perspective to the psychology of gender and the psychology of men specifically. The authors’ focus on the history of research on men and masculinities is especially novel, and their discussion of this research—which occurs at the front end of the book—provides important context for current debates and lines of inquiry related to the psychology of men. In addition to covering expected but necessary territory (biological and social contextual components of gender, for example), the text also delves into important yet less frequently explored topics related to the psychology of men, including intersectionalities (race, culture, social class) and methodologies. Peppered throughout the book are engaging points for consideration which draw the reader’s attention to critical points for contemplation and discussion. Key terms are highlighted throughout, making this text especially appropriate for introductory or mid-level courses  on gender."

Abbie E. Goldberg, PhD, professor of psychology and director of Women’s and Gender Studies at Clark University


"An excellent book that goes ‘under the hood’ of the social, political, and scientific aspects of the psychology of men. Addis and Hoffman discuss complex issues in accessible language, making this text a must-have for anyone interested in learning about the history, science, and applications of this field."

Ryon C. McDermott, PhD, University of South Alabama


"This book is not afraid to tackle the difficult questions. It provides students with the tools needed to critically engage with complicated and emotionally-charged topics. The focus on context evades simplistic or reductionist thinking and demands that students consider their own lives while critically evaluating contemporary psychological research. My students have asked for a book like this — one that does not offer easy answers, but forces all of us to take responsibility for the social forces shaping gender and masculinity."

Kate Richmond, PhD, Muhlenberg College