1st Edition

The Psychology of Menopause

By Marie Percival Copyright 2025
    132 Pages
    by Routledge

    132 Pages
    by Routledge

    What physical and psychological changes can I expect when going through the menopause? How can I protect my wellbeing during menopause? How can I ensure a good menopause experience?

    The Psychology of Menopause provides a useful and positive guide to understanding the psychological, social, and sexual changes that occur during and following menopause. Going beyond hot flushes and HRT, it focuses on how to enhance psychological wellbeing by looking at the science behind women's lived experiences of perimenopause and post-menopause. The book explores key psychological issues during this transition, such as the risk factors associated with mood and anxiety, the changing social and personal roles for women at midlife, the impact on relationships, and the reasons for brain fog.

    By putting women’s psychological wellbeing at the heart of this stage of life, The Psychology of Menopause provides a much-needed examination into the psychological, social, cultural, and interpersonal aspects of the transition into and beyond menopause.

    1. Menopause Through the Ages

    2. Understanding and Managing Menopause – How Can Psychology Help?

    3. Psychological Health and Brain Health

    4. The Self in Transition

    5. Sexual Well-being During and After Menopause

    6. A Life Worth Living - Positive Psychology and Positive Ageing

    7. Establishing and Maintaining Wellness During and After Menopause


    Marie Percival is an academic, author, practitioner, and researcher. With over 17 years of experience teaching psychology and psychological therapies to undergraduate and postgraduate students at higher educational institutions in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and dealing with countless clients during this period, she has acquired extensive knowledge in this field.