2nd Edition

The Psychology of Perfectionism in Sport, Dance, and Exercise

Edited By Andrew P. Hill Copyright 2023
    452 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    452 Pages 16 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This extensively revised and updated edition offers a comprehensive account of the latest research and practice issues relating to perfectionism in sport, dance, and exercise.

    The new edition of The Psychology of Perfectionism in Sport, Dance, and Exercise includes the latest understanding of perfectionism, its benefits and costs, and support that can be given to those at risk to the perils of perfectionism. The book features contributions from leading researchers and practitioners. With nine new chapters and six updated chapters, the book provides an exhaustive account of research, novel approaches to studying and working with perfectionism, along with critical reflections on key issues and controversies. The book includes a new section on emerging approaches and concepts, as well as a revised section on applied issues and practitioner perspectives offering three new approaches to working with perfectionism. With chapters featuring returning authors and new contributors with novel perspectives, this edition will be invaluable to individuals familiar and unfamiliar with this area of work.

    This book will be an essential resource and vital guide for students and researchers, as well as practitioners, coaches and instructors in sport, dance, and exercise.


    1. Conceptualising perfectionism: Resolving old quarrels and starting new ones

    Andrew P. Hill

    2. Advances in the measurement of perfectionism in sport, dance and exercise

    Daniel J. Madigan


    3. Revisiting the development of perfectionism in sport, dance and exercise

    Paul R. Appleton and Thomas Curran



    4. An update and extension of the independent effects approach to perfectionism in sport, dance, and exercise

    Gareth E. Jowett, Sarah H. Mallinson-Howard, Andrew P. Hill, and Daniel J. Madigan

    5. Re-Envisioning the tripartite model of perfectionism in sport and dance

    John K. Gotwals and Michael R. Lizmore

    6. The 2 × 2 model of perfectionism in sport, dance, and exercise: An updated and critical review

    Patrick Gaudreau



    7. Perfectionistic tipping points and how to find them

    Andrew P. Hill

    8. Perfectionism cognitions in sport, dance, and exercise

    Tracy Donachie, Andrew P. Hill, and Marianne E Etherson

    9. Studying perfectionistic climates

    Michael C. Grugan, Laura C. Fenwick, and Luke F. Olsson



    10. Working with perfectionistic athletes: An Acceptance Commitment Therapy perspective

    Dean Watson, Henrik Gustafsson, and Carolina Lundqvist

    11. Applying self-compassion to perfectionism in sport

    Leah J. Ferguson, Kent C. Kowalski, Danielle, L. Cormier, and Abimbola O. Eke

    12. Perfectionism in sport: A Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy perspective

    Anna Jordana and Martin J. Turner



    13. Reflections on 20 years studying multidimensional perfectionism in sport

    John G. H. Dunn

    14. Questions, critical reflections, and advances with the model of excellencism and perfectionism: A call to action

    Patrick Gaudreau, Antoine Benoît, and Laurence Boileau

    15. Reflections on the costs of rigid perfectionism and perfectionistic reactivity: The core significance of the failure to adapt in sports and in life

      Gordon L. Flett and Paul L. Hewitt




      Andrew P. Hill is a Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology at York St John University, UK. He has published over 80 studies of perfectionism in sport, dance, and exercise, and is one of the leading experts on the topic. He is an Associate Editor of Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology and an editorial board member of the Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology and Scandinavian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sport.

      "The revised edition of The Psychology of Perfectionism in Sport, Dance, and Exercise is a timely and valuable contribution to the understanding of the rise of perfectionism in diverse physical activity settings. Professor Andrew Hill has done an excellent job in this second edition by providing new conceptual and methodological insights, updating the evidence base, as well as offering important practical suggestions to develop interventions that address the negative consequences of perfectionism for physical and mental functioning. I highly recommend this book to students, researchers, and practitioners."

      Professor Nikos Ntoumanis, University of Southern Denmark, Denmark

      "This second edition of The Psychology of Perfectionism in Sport, Dance, and Exercise by Professor Andrew Hill and his team of contributors is an essential read for researchers, coaches, exercise enthusiasts, as well as psychology practitioners. The book skilfully maps out the latest evidence related to the nature, development, and consequences of perfectionism in its various guises. It also thoughtfully presents evidence-informed recommendations for those working with athletes, exercisers, and dancers who exhibit perfectionism. A highly recommended read!"

      Professor Mark Beauchamp, University of British Columbia, Canada

      "Edited by one of the world-leading researchers on perfectionism in performance domains, and comprising a variety of insightful, critical, and novel chapters written by leaders in the field, this book should be a go-to resource for any academics or practitioners interested in understanding this complex and important topic. Taking a critical and reflective approach to the field, the text provokes you to reconsider perceptions pertaining to perfectionism and re-evaluate your understanding of both research and practice as it pertains to perfectionism."

      Professor Camilla Knight, Swansea University, United Kingdom