1st Edition

The Psychology of Personal Constructs Volume One: Theory and Personality

By George Kelly Copyright 1991

    First published in 1992. Unavailable for many years this is a reissue of George Kelly's classic work. It is the bible of personal construct psychology written by its founder. The first volume presents the theory of personal construct psychology.

    Volume One: Psychology of Personal Constructs. Constructive Alternativism, Basic Theory, The Nature of Personal Constructs, The Clinical Setting, The Repertory Test, The Mathematical Structure of Psychological Space, The Analysis of Self Characterization, Fixed-Role Therapy, Dimensions of Diagnosis, Dimensions of Transition.


    George Kelly

    "This is a challenging, illuminating and very readable account of the cleavages and conflicts within and between Southeast European states and their relations with the great powers. It is certainly the kind of book that will appeal to non-academic as well as academic readers wanting to know more about his region and its turbulent past."- Robert Bideleux, University of Wales, Swansea